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The “some one”

Photo Copyright: James Rainsford. Used with Permission.

The only name he smiled at,
the only eyes he looked for,
the very smile to flatter him,
the only girl he wished to live for –
today she remains in heart and mind,
a memory of a long-lost time.
From everything to some one special,
the transition happened without cause;
the face was never captured in photo,
it was meant to stay as a muse unknown.

Prompted @ Dverse Poetics (Image ) , OSI (transition ) , Sunday Scribblings ( whats the rest of the story )


thanks a lot Nisha for letting me use your pic.

marks of heritage,
culture and celebration,
I wear them on me
and carry them together
from today, I become
the bond between many,
the bearer of a family,
the love of some one’s life
the form of goddess like.
The floral pattern
that graces my feet
alike the path,
i wish it will be
into his heart and home
making it our abode,
ruled by colors of love
that marked me his
like the legacy
i am sworn to pass on…

This poem was inspired by the attached pic of Nisha

also submitted to dVerse: Poet’s Pub

Choodiyan inspired from pic by @themasakkali

This is a hindi poem inspired by the following image :


kyon yun bulaati ho,
har shaam jab baadal ghir aate hain,
kyon yun shor machati ho,
har raat jab baadal baras jaate hain
meri saheli ho tanhai me
kyon fir aise rooth jaati ho
meri hamraaz kaali raaton ki
kyon chup reh kar sataati ho.
rang badlo ya roop lo naya
tum ek khanak se dil churaati ho,
piya kuch na bhi pooche
tum haste haste sab sunaati ho.
unko bhi pyaari ho tum shaayad
har uphaar ke saath aati ho,
aur unke na hone par bhi
reh reh kar unka ehsaas dilati ho ..