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Sacred joys


Together one evening
with friends and family,
Sapid with joys and celebrations,
the air full of sacred blessings,
the pious flames dancing,
heart , head and soul
ready for the new life’s calling,
her shy smiles fail to hide
the beat of her love filled heart,
your caring hold on her hands
as you make promises to be there
in times to come, good or bad.

Jan 2012. The darkness of winters will be challenged by the warm smiles and lights in that corner of my town. My best friend will hold the hands of his love and lead the way into a new life. This time, I would be there, along with other friends – a bunch of people knowing each other from school , waving in and out of each other’s life and yet never far from heart and mind.

Yay ! Next month is my best friend’s wedding. And after missing almost every one’s wedding for one reason or another, I will be attending this one. Am so excited to meet all friends and some of their partners too ! And to dress up and go have a dance on the floor !


January , you look promising my love.



Written for Months of the year challenge#2  , Carry on tuesday , Sunday Scribblings , OSI

Musical Memory#3 : Joy

joys of making bonds
with one who had none before
his smile said it all


Prompted @ Sensational Haiku Wednesday

This haiku was also inspired by the memory of my school days. The conductor of the school bus for my route did not have a family. On rakshabandhan he was all the more upset to see rakhis on almost all guys’ wrist. To cheer him up, i offered to tie him a rakhi which he readily accepted.  He heard the same set of songs daily with the first song being this –


I heard this so much that i could sing the whole song any time !!

God bless him wherever he is !