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Musty minutes

Between the loud conversation
in the overlapping pauses
we look at each other
from corner of the eye;
the silence has its riches –
i take a sip of its memories,
you nibble at the dreams
while our present connects us,
with the painful realization
that no words can be persuasive
enough to bind you to me
no feelings can trap yours
You are as much unknown
as my heart feels you inside
as much toxic is your presence
as heavenly seems your touch
your eyes overpower my words
and the remaining breaths
you seal with one last kiss
your musty essence erasing me –
one goodbye that was to be final,
I realized it not then,fortunately.

Prompted @ We Write Poems , Three Word Wednesday

Closed Eyes

“you always close your eyes” he laughed!

“what do you seek in my eyes” she asked


“you are”

“i can’t see it when we kiss”


“i know”

“remember the first time we met”

“we were seven”

And together they laughed at the precious memory – the first,innocent kiss.

Love was their destiny.

Prompted @ Thursday Tales

Also submitted to Friday Flash 55

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