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A killer living

She badly wanted to break away from the negative feelings inside her ! When all looked calm on surface, only she knew of the turmoil that plundered her heart every time she saw him. And that was daily ; she was married to him; to this fucking bastard who sold her to strangers last night ! She knew what was to be done; she sold herself again ; this time on highest price available; and kicked him out of the house. He showed the way, she will follow the same. She prepared to kill herself every night to make his living worse !


“Face of faith changed for me”

Faith. The word inspires varies emotions in my heart , mind and soul. Faith on your family not to desert you; on the love you thought will never let you feel low;on the friend you never knew could make you cry so much;on yourself whose real power you never can fathom unless forced to.with every person, it changes its face, meaning and extent of its being between you and the concerned person. Strangely, it never leaves you even when broken. for long you keep searching reasons for its loss, searching for either excuses or ways to hurt it back. so where does this leave us ? when even you can betray the faith you have on yourself, what keeps faith living ? Answer is different to each individual.  for me, the faith people instill in me and keep on me keeps me working to preserve it. what keeps your faith safe ?

empty eyes;torn hearts;

faith only let life find place;

the resurrection.

Prompted @ Sunday Scribblings & 6 word Saturday

Submitted to OSI and Haiku Heights

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Of head and heart

Learned first about Pantoum here and found it a good challenge to try ..

In the dead silent night
draping darkness around
“what’s going wrong in life”
i sit and wonder this aloud;

draping darkness around
i try to listen to my heart
i sit and wonder this aloud
“this better doesn’t last”

i try to listen to my heart
it has been silent for long
“this better doesn’t last”
reasons are always wrong.

it has been silent for long
this battle of heart and head
reasons are always wrong
no matter what happens in end.

this battle of heart and head
“that’s what going wrong in life”
no matter what happens in end,
In the dead silent night.

Written for One Shot wednesday.


(This post is in hindi ! Might translate to english soon. Till then sorry to ones who do not understand hindi )

Tu kahan rukti hai
laakh main thak kar gir jaaon
tu kahan meri sunti hai
laakh main ro loon ya chillaon

Tujhe maloom teri raah
fir mujhse raaz kyon rakhti hai
tujhe pata tera jahan
fir mujhse chori kyon rakhti hai

Kya main koi gair hoon
jo meri tujhko parvaah nahi
kya teri karzdaar hoon
jiska tujhko koi ehsaas nahi

jo bhi hai tu, jaisi bhi
meri zindagi hai,aur rahegi meri
tu maan mujhe mehmaan
mujhse hi bandhi hai shakhsiyat teri.

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True Predictment

As she woke on the sea shore, She could feel him around,laughing feebly on her,drinking her beauty, and the goodbye kiss – her first and last with anyone. Silently she walked into the rising waters and was gone forever. she was predicted to kill her true lover. She did just that, though unintentionally.


Prompted @ Thursday tales and 3 word wednesday

Also Submitted to Friday Flash55

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God’s lessons

There’s always a good
in all that god does;
i hear it so much often
from myself not others.

Then sometimes i feel
i deserve to be punished
for journey into the dark
how could i err like that ?

I know i will have to wait
till you decide to show way
assured that i have learned
lessons which were meant.

He breaks me piece by piece
from person,place and thing;
till i am left standing alone
just his hands to hold close.

So let it be this way again
i will silently bear the pain
for your blessings i will pray
forgive me,if at all i stray.