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Being In Love

It was a silly wish in college days , to celebrate a Valentine’s day with some one I loved. Years went by , friends and boyfriend too faded away, but this day stayed the same for me – shopping for others’ partners and enjoying the day alone. It wasn’t a sad thing but some where the stupid desire still lived.


Last year I was engaged when Feb came. The hopeless romantic in me thought nothing grand but sure something sweet and love filled. And the totally insensitive guy he was, did not even wish me , forget even gifting me anything. And the movie I sent , that wasn’t watched as far as I remember. But I had the best Valentine’s day that year. A long weekend – 5 friends – self cooked meals – romantic songs – a balcony on 3rd floor opening to empty skies .. That was most cherished company and the setting I would have ever thought of .. And the lesson learned for life – to free myself , my love ..

I need not one

or many people

near or far

to feel the magic –


mysterious ways

it takes shape

in minds

and time ..

A perfect and timely end to a thought , a misunderstood desire , and evolution of bonds .. Some broke , some were forged that weekend ..

Written for Months of the year challenge #2 , Imperfect Prose