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Hello again

About 6 months back I made this page private after I started getting anonymous abusive comments and emails from some one. I am not sure if that phase is past me or not , But I know that I have friends and a partner who would stand by me and not let me quit blogging and writing any day. Thank you every one who wrote to me and prayed for me. 

I am 5 months late , but I still want to share my wedding pic with you all. Here’s me and Yogesh on our happiest day !


I will be reading and visiting your blogs soon. Stay blessed. 

Missing home and mom

I fell sick yesterday ( again ). I actually fall sick pretty often sadly 🙁

So yesterday’s sickness , I blame on the evening trips to nearby dhaba to have bread pakoda , the Saturday evening sandwich ( the veggies dint taste that good i admit ) and last to the Sunday morning sub ( that definitely tasted stale ).

Yes , the food and the changing weather with the ability to spoil food soon has finally hit me once again 😐  *sulks*

The final result : I had a severe migraine , a mild fever ( which is still there as I type this ) , bodyache ( the back still hurts )  and an upset stomach ( I am yet to decide about its status)

and now comes the saddest part of being unwell : Being alone.

Roomie is home and I have no friends to call for the night *sulks a little more*

such are the times when I wish I was home. I have always been a sick gal since I left home. I have at times told myself that maybe my sickness is as physical as emotional. Or maybe psychological [ i forgot the exact term for that ].

The days I miss mom a bit too much or the days when I am low and I really need people around , I somehow fall sick. and as much as I try , I have to skip office , which further adds to me woes. People would think I am used to stay alone but the truth is , day after day , I am getting less capable of being alone. about 6 years after leaving home , I now crave more for a home.

And tonight again, I miss mom. The 4 calls to her during the day are not enough for me to be consoled and she knows it.

So, before I made another call to her and cry my heart out [ yes I am still a baby when it comes to be sick. I cry ] , I decided to write this to let that moment pass.

So, no more call to mom. no more being upset, just take my meds and be a good girl for a while.

Hope your weekend and Monday was better !