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Musical Memory#3 : Joy

joys of making bonds
with one who had none before
his smile said it all


Prompted @ Sensational Haiku Wednesday

This haiku was also inspired by the memory of my school days. The conductor of the school bus for my route did not have a family. On rakshabandhan he was all the more upset to see rakhis on almost all guys’ wrist. To cheer him up, i offered to tie him a rakhi which he readily accepted.  He heard the same set of songs daily with the first song being this –


I heard this so much that i could sing the whole song any time !!

God bless him wherever he is !

Childhood Memory

From where i sit, i see two swings,
alternating movement, dangling free feet..

shading the view,the dark trees,
extending in all sides,like frame of movie..

my mind no longer,on words i hear,
but instead mapping,images to memory.

a summer afternoon,hot and humid,
of childhood friends,smiles and screams..

and soon my heart,is no longer with me,
for tonight it has found,the best moments to re live…


Written for One shot Wednesday

Loss – A haibun

I miss some one I have never met. It does not mean I knew him not. He was the one who understood nothing of my culture but me for sure. We met in a poetry forum, me amazed at his bold writes and he surprised to see an “Indian” like them. It was a pleasure to break his myths about India each evening as he broadened my horizons of writing every night. words flew like boundless love from one country to another; from one heart to another. A dream to meet just once , a desire to hold his hands, a beleif in the boundless love between two people so different in every way.

And one day, he lost his son to suicide. He lost to life, And I lost my best friend and guide.

seasons change always
your words frozen in time wrap
I explore vaguely



Prompted @ Inspiration Monday &  Tuesday Tryut

Praises : Stone#5 #aros

“You are the enigmatic one”

“You can make a moment interesting in life”

“Your happiness add smiles to others”

These and few more pearls of praise spill out of my memories – the most exquisite compliments any one ever gave me !
Sigh !
I string them now and then, bead upon bead into a hand held necklace; to chant them every time i lose myself among doubts.
Your words never let me down ; and in turn i promise myself never to let your compliments down !

I “knit”

Dreams of past
from mind i fish
and color them in
future memories.
some beads of love
i gather silently
patches of tears
i join them with.
I imagine not
what shape i want
nor do i bother
of colors life grant.
I gather when i knit
metaphorical threads
daily ideas in my head.
I offer to all the gift,of
what i make and wear
it talks of wisdom
if you pretend to hear.
I sometimes dread the time
my fingers cease to move
but never will i desert
the yarn that broods.


Written for Poetry Rally Week 33 , Submitted also to Z to A challenge – K