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It was your fault to wish for death;we too don’t like raging up suddenly”snapped the waves to the lover,who had lost his girl few days back.

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My hard realized lesson for this week again is something i learn, forget and need to re-learn in life :

“YOU don’t DESERVE,if you beg”

Be it love, money,success or just anything you have to beg for, realize you don’t deserve that ! Maybe you deserve better or maybe do not deserve it at that particular time, Bottom line : The effort not worth it !

Remember this and you might be happy most times 🙂

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A killer living

She badly wanted to break away from the negative feelings inside her ! When all looked calm on surface, only she knew of the turmoil that plundered her heart every time she saw him. And that was daily ; she was married to him; to this fucking bastard who sold her to strangers last night ! She knew what was to be done; she sold herself again ; this time on highest price available; and kicked him out of the house. He showed the way, she will follow the same. She prepared to kill herself every night to make his living worse !

True Predictment

As she woke on the sea shore, She could feel him around,laughing feebly on her,drinking her beauty, and the goodbye kiss – her first and last with anyone. Silently she walked into the rising waters and was gone forever. she was predicted to kill her true lover. She did just that, though unintentionally.


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when she rode

With gentle steps she entered home,praying not to be seen by dad.

“I saw you.Learning to ride on the beach” she suddenly heard him shout.
“I was just..” she tried to speak in vain.
“Do you have any idea how it looked ? a girl of your age doing something like this ??”
“But I only ..” she was cut off again.
Vulgar !! that’s the word. you hear me !!”

And this went on till she started to cry hard and promised not to ride again. Her brother never even tried to learn and she actually rode it. But she knew she would not get any praise for that.

The bicycle was anyway sold next day.

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Very Short Stories

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Please note : Each set of sentences below is a separate story.


She proposed hoping to surprise him; he wasn’t.She waited for his reply;he just gave a sly smile and slipped the ring in her hand

_ _ _ _ _ _

She didn’t care if they were called frenemies;she loved him strong enough to not let him be promoted and sent to new place

_ _ _ _ _ _

“y is white the color of hindu widow like me and of christian bride too?” she taunted her elders while buying a red sari !!


am i late in returning”,he asked;depends on your definition of late,she said;did he not know,she could wait forever for him?


He is desultory in his talks;but then that is most interesting about him;his talks never turn boring yet never get finished too.