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Tea powder

She saw him come to his usual place in the balcony with a book, look no where but for his cushion, sit and start reading. She had been waiting for him for about half aan hour now, but wasn’t yet sure how to approach.

She stood there for another five minutes, in the balcony overlooking his, before she mustured the courage to say “excuse me, what book will that be ?”.
He looked startled,as his eyes set on her. she continued “the one in your hand .. what book is that ?”
He smiled and replied shyly “Harry Potter and the dark Prince.. I. uh .. had nothing else to read today. Didn’t get time to go to the library you see.”
She smiled understandingly, though she did not understand why any one would be ashamed of reading Harry Potter. She herself had read the whole series thrice.

“Do you read too ?”
“Yes, a lot actually. And i have read this one too”
“Still you could not recognize this one !! It isn’t that dark under the street light i assume”, he gave a meaningful look.
“You are right. I asked about the book just to initiate a conversation. Actually I needed a favour…”
“Sure, how can i be of help miss..”
“Hi, Sahil here. Now what can i do for you Riya?”
“I am out of tea powder. I assume you have some tea powder at your place. If you could ..”
“Sure you can get that,but on one condition .. I want to have a cup too”
“Done” she beamed,”let me fetch a bowl”
“sure, And i will get you my mug and the tea powder of course”