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how as a kid
we learned of seasons,
food , clothes and sports –
different for each one;
until science created for us
all-round-the-year stuff
and stretched some seasons
into others;
natural it isn’t, nor so it feels,
with seasonal out of fashion,
everything seems so routine.


Margo asked us to use a summer image for poetry. and sadly I could not think of any distinct summer image. while snow makes it obvious winter symbol , what do summers bring us except heat and lot of sun ? considering the pollution and decreasing forest areas , do we really witness that long winter ? or the harsh winds last long ? and thats why this post.

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Love crumbs

you – not you –

me – with –

without you;

some words…
like crumbs,
stick to my feet,
dragged along,
snipping at silence,
his “not-like-love”
ambush my thoughts
much before zenith;
a slap from reality
or reality slapped on me –

you – me – us

no more – still …

That’s all I get outta my head for tryign to make a “Valentine Poem”

<3  or </3


Happy Valentine’s Day to couples & single ones alike ! 

Keep loving yourself, and others too <3

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A dream ?

Her flesh turned colors
from deep red to pale green
like the devil he dreamt of
each night of the last week.

with razor sharp nails,
she tore his heart aside
leaving a pool of blood
crawling around like reptiles.

Next she plucked his soul
that lie hidden in his eyes
and when she was done,
she hypnotically collapsed…

It was a dream he thought
when his hysteria woke him,
to find a green face in the mirror
and her heart, like resin, burning .


Blame watching “supernaturals” these days, for this poem 😀

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