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The moon and you

Its a full moon night again – the night you so loved and will always love.
I still remember talking to the moon about you and hoping you would call.
You had your own days to call, your moods and your rules, your .. everything was yours.
I was your friend , I was your entertainment , I was your kind of person – whatever that meant.
But the moon was not yours – even though I loved it ’cause of you, It was mine.
It woke me up at midnight and told you have not slept. I used to text to ask.
It sang me lullaby, the days I would wait for your call while you slept early.
It came down to my window on days I ignored it;as if complaining to me.
It.. Its everything to me many nights. even on no moon day, I know its there.
Unlike you.. who came to teach me love and gifted me pain the same time.
Unlike you.. who wished to stay alone yet attracted me the same time.
Unlike you .. who was so out of my reach yet appeared almost mine.
who moved out of sight,not out of mind,yet will never out of my life –
You made me a lover of yours and the moon alike …