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Through the shade I see,
Patterns of light in colors,
The monochrome dreams
Slip through the words I let free,
The morning freshness captured
This is an entry inspired by Wednesday verses prompt (Fresh) which I read first thing in the morning . I am trying to get back to structured poetry styles , so I was happy to stumble across Colleen’s weekly Tuesday challenge and link this poem there.

Morning charms [ #OctPoWriMo day 11]

Deep in my sleep,
I can make the sweet voice
asking me when I would wake up,
I smile , knowing well,
morning tea would not be ready
for some more time;
clink clink of vessels – pitter patter of water
the morning smell of tea
mixing in the dry hum of AC;
the soft footsteps, the warm familiarity
the half baked dreams
served with fresh bread
and her morning hellos –
She , my blessing , my friend –
her morning prayers , her cooking ,
her smile – my charms for the day
She , my friend , my angel.

This is a dedication to my dearest Roommate and best friend. Written for OctPoWriMo day 11.
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The morning poem

I love mornings that are sleepy,
Where you dream walk to the doorstep,
And smile at the cloudy sky,
When you remember your dreams
And laugh at the odd things you said,
Not to forget the poems,
Oh the morning poems he sends,
Some self written, sone not,
Few wordly views,some love notes,
Like your hopes have arrived
In shiny packages of kisses,
Such are mornings i love
And plan to luve forever with him.

Wake up

Dreams , maybe not
Of your fingers on me
Smiles on you

Messages of morning
Of love , longing and care
Of rosy reality

Wishes like prayer
Whispered to pillow so soft
Like your heart.

Finally the call
Out of dream to real
You are mine.

This is collum lune. Inspired by sunday mini challenge at imaginary toads. Also linked to sunday scribblings.

Sapna ( hindi poem ) + English Translation

rozmarra sa din,
aaj kuch alag lagne laga
wo chai ka pehla pyaala
kuch jyaada chalakne laga
subah ki kirne dekhe arsa ho gaya
fir bhi suraj aaj dastak dene laga
aankhein kholi to tum dikhe
sapna achanak se sach lagne laga.


(Inspired from another poem’s title)





another usual day,

suddenly appeared so bright;

the first taste of morning tea

tripped a bit more on mind;

sunrise is not my time

yet the sun welcomed with smiles;

you I found next to me in bed

no wonder the dream appeared so right.

Linked to Open Link Night

ek rang main chura loon

[ This post is in hindi. English translation might be done some time later]

raat ki kalikh nikli nahi thi poori tarah asmaan se, ki subah apni gulabi rath par savaar nikal padi sunehri kirne baantne .. Is sharmaate hue asmaan se main bhala kaunsa rang chura paati .. Aage badhi to paaon tale peele bhoore patte pukarte hue lage. Main muskai aur kuch ko pyaar se utha kar hawa me chod diya. Wapis is udaan ki khushi unse jyaada shayad neeche pade patton ko hui thi, aisa laga mujhe .. In patton se main kya rang maangti jo khud hi apna rang khoye baithe the.. Laal foolon ka apna adda tha aur neele phool har rah ko mehkaate. kuch peele phool pattos se jhad kar mandir me le jaane ka intezaar kar rahe the aur kuch gulabi phool meri muskaan ki wajah ban gaye ,, un rangeen phoolon se mujhe kya mil jaata ,,

Main ek safed phool ki jhalak dil me basaaye laut aai ….

I am awake

Hands search the slim mobile
only to see it snuggled by my side
open an eye to note the time
yawn and into blanket i dive.

Few minutes later i half awake
much time it usually doesnt take
to switch on the laptop by my bed
oh and also,the texts to be read

A morning tweet,a hello on chat
and then to the mom’s call
a song selected to play in loops
finally out of bed,out of room.

Stand in the balcony,admire the day
smile lazily,as new plans I make.
And then i proceed to kitchen
am not awake yet,not without tea.


Prompted at We write Poems , Also submitted to One Shot Wednesday