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i want a baby

A simple desire ? not so.
For one , I am not married.
Also , I do not want to sleep with some one just to have a baby.

And please do not suggest me how science can help me having a baby and blah blah.

So bottom line is , I am not sure when I would be eligible to have a baby ( as per me and society). And yet , Whenever I see a kid looking at me , and smiles at me , my heart wants to just grab him/her and keep him for a day or two with me. The cute dresses in the mall in kids section , the innocent talks , the eager look in eyes , the love , the trust , the fun , the bond .. I wish that for myself.

additional reasons being able to buy teddies , color books , story books , illustrated graphics , milk powder , cryons , funky clips and so many more such stuff for the baby ( and use some for myself too ).

I am not desperate to get married to any xyz. I think I found an ABC sort of guy for me and hope things go well.

But I am too eager to have a baby.
God, why do we need some one to make a baby ?

Can I just not get a part of me molded into an extension of me ??

Perhaps I could adopt one, if only I could afford having a baby right now.
Ok, I guess I should remember this reason and better concentrate on making enough money than dreams for my kid 😀