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Stranger Talks

I love you still
feel you still
want to know
and meet you still
but on my ground
on my terms
in my own sweet time

The power of love
mysterious for sure
like a storm in the sea
where two strangers meet
at the mountain’s retreat
and commit to love

Do you know
what tides bring
when one stays
watching other walk away
shores washed empty
where tears strayed


This is a part of the poetry duel me and Yogesh (@ibeingme) had last night ..  The lines in red are by him. Sadly I lost few of the texts we exchanged. But will keep looking for older ones and post !

Agar [ If only ] – hindi poem

[This is a poem in my native language hindi. I have tried to translate in English too though.]

kuch kehna sun na baaki tha
gar shabd thoda aur saath dete,
kuch lena dena baaki tha
gar tum haath na hata lete.

kuch ehsaas jagne baaki the
tum kuch pal thehar jaate
kuch jazbaat jagaane baaki the
tum baahon me jo simat jaate.

kuch kasme waade poore kar lete
maine unko gar sunaya na hota
kuch aur kadam saath chal lete
tumne mud kar bulaya to hota.

A lot remained unsaid
if words had not deserted,
an exchange was to happen
but otherwise you decided.

Some feelings stayed unborn
you walked away too soon
some i might have aroused
stay in my arms if you would.

Some promises were broken
wish they were never made
we could have walked together
me along,if you chose to take.