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from Tim Grundtner at Pexels.com

The music enveloped her; making her feel that if she were to fall right now, she would find herself floating on the high notes of his voice. It did not matter if the lyrics were borrowed ones, his singing gave her pleasure more than his love.

“You make me want to be a better man”, he had whispered last night and he really needed to do that. She sighed, her disappointment and anger mixed in the cut marks hidden below her dress. It was her way to punish him for straying, for losing himself in his own words. Their pain was what had kept them sane(or not) and together; and that is how it always has to be, she smiled.


Written for Six Sentence Story (Mark) and Photo Prompt @ Fandango’s Flash Fiction

Music and Me

There are few things that become personal, some stay so, and some are kept this way. My love has never been one of them sadly, even if the target off all that love always been a secret even to me. then I came across poetry. From being a friend, secret keeper , companion of lonely nights, lover and now my God ! And who can keep Gods a secret ? they should never be made personal I feel, so I share it with all.

The same is the case with music. I like sharing lyrics I like, the music I get attached to, the beats that make me sway, and lot more with people around me. But music is still very personal to me. I prefer not to hear my choice of songs when people are around me, unless I use a headphone. I connect to music in a way I can not explain. Most of the songs I hear are inked on my heart with memories stamped on them. When the music flow, my ideas hold their hands and dance along, my smiles and tears find home with the songs I love. And so I hesitate sharing them with others. I do not want people interrupting this heavenly kiss, or to ridicule my choice of music,even if it is atrocious for them.

The songs are my lovers outside my wedding to life. And It will take ages before I find a place for another person between me and music.



Exams were just a week away and she could not study long hours without feeling sleepy. One night she turned on the radio after hearing her favorite song play in the neighbourhood. She kept the radio on for hours as she studied and not once she wanted to quit.

 Since then, the love affair continues.



This is for G-Man’s Fridayflash 55.

Have a musical and lovely weekend all of you  🙂

Also linked to Months of the year challenge Season # 2

Song in my head

Very few days
when you wake up
with a song in your head,
blessed be the days
when you can smile
over a song in your  head.
reasons be unknown
for the joys bubbling
from the song in your head.
hum it first,then
sing it aloud to the world
the song in your head…


Dedicated to all my friends and readers here is the song i woke up humming in my head –  [ The song has english subtitles so you can watch]



Sifar [ Music & the band]

This is no review of the and songs. But a humble recco to all of you to check the songs and provide your inputs.

Right now, on the official page of the band , one will find three songs which can be palyed there [ plus the lyrics] and even downloaded.

I will start with the song I liked best : Main jaunga

[bandcamp track=3267137545 bgcol=3edaf9 linkcol=732f92 size=grande]

Loved the lyrics most , then the pace with which it starts , it really draws you into the track and you are soon lost into this . Not to mention that you can actually hum this one easily even after the song is over ! which am actually doing for these lines :

Mujhse yu kyun khafa hai tu
Kyun ye doori, kyun juda hai tu
Khokar apne dil ki ye aawazein
Apni manzil se fanaa hai tu


Roko Na mujhe

The song opens to a nice drum piece and immediately the singer picks up the pace a notch further. Pretty neat lyrics that hit you hard enough to be related to ! Loved the way the song fades, not ends.


I liked listening to this for the pace of the song. The guitar work in middle of the song is pretty cool ! Worth a check for sure !!


So go to the page now and hear these guys out !!

And do leave comments 🙂

Read a  proper review of the songs by Rohit here

Musical Memory – 3 and a #hindi poem

He hated most of the music from bollywood.

He hated most of the songs with sad lyrics [ I was the emo fool you see since beginning]

He hated Atif Aslam..

and yet, he loved this song …

He even dedicated this to me one day when I cried [ I was missing home too much so I cried on his call ]

Of course I smiled ; He dedicated nothing to any  one. I felt special for sure.

So here’s the song – Kuch Is tarah :


and here’s a poem I wrote yesterday afternoon while I was listening to this song.

[It is in hindi , english translation might follow some day]


kuch is tarah…
bol ek geet ke,
jaadu sangeet ka
yaadein ek meet ki..

tere chehre par
khushi merei aas ki
dukh mere raaz ka,
hansi meri yaad ki..


gam hain ye tere
tohfa ek mulakaat ka
zakhm ek jazbaat ka
kissa kisi ke izhaar ka..


sun meri ye guzarish
saza jo bhi ho meri
kabool har shart teri
baat ho bas teri meri.

= ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ =

And here are other musical memories :

Musical Memory Post 2 shared by Poohi

do let me know of your memories attached to songs if you like !

Till next Week !

keep listening to music of your choice !!

And share good ones with all !

Shadows of the Night

Every moon night
he walks the land,
wet foot prints appear
on the dry sea shore
until dawn approaches.
Over the same path
walks she,his shadow –
a growing shape
with each minute,
a sparkling beauty
with each etched line,
And she stands proud,
at the point he left,
morphed into music
she smiles to herself,
she sheds a wing,
and begins to play,
notes vibrate in air,
lifting her arms along,
and the wings spread
refracting the sun rays
and making tiny rainbows,
all over the sea ans sand.
The sun melts her along,
the music fades, she is gone.
Till next moon light,
when he will be born again
and bring to life,his love,
the shadow of night.

Inspired from the Image Prompt @ Writer’s Island

I swear am bewitched by this amazing image !! So much love this !!

sunday Musical Memory – week 1

Ok ! So the secret about me , that music is my drug is no more a  secret even on blogs 😉 i admit i forget anything and any one when I am plugged in to some of my fav music ! And that happens like daily. i confess i really do  not have much going on in my life and work that can or should be talked about so all I talk of and hear is different music tracks ! and trust me, I have an amazing line up on hindi tracks [ Which i will not bore you with]

What I am going to share with you are the memories behind some of my fav tracks [ which are many – both songs and the memories] so it might eventually turn into an on going series ! So every sunday i will turn a random page from ym mind and go blah blah about it !

This week its the first post so I decided to begin where it all began from. Year i will need to calculate so skip it, I was 7 years old when dad bought a cassette player ( thats what it was called in my area) And mom got an old cassette full of older than i could imagine songs ( I never asked her where it came from since we did not have the player since then). And the first song was my mom’s fave [ which i hated that time and totally love now ] : [*Translation of song context in the end]




I hated it ’cause mom would completely  get lost in singing this and i of course did not like the sad words. And today its an opposite case in my home. I so often listen to this and other old songs [ mostly sad i guess] and mom says its not yet my age to be so sad !!

So this is for this week. More music every sunday. Keep tuned ! And do share your memories and music with me ! I will write about it if you permit 🙂

And we have another Amazing Musical Memory post links here :



*The song is a dead lover telling the lady that since she has rejected true love, she herself should not expect love for herself ! And her own heart is going to be a witness to this and complain about the love she let go  !