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and so many questions to answer 😛

Leo & Reshma blessed my blogs [ Reshma reads my blogger page and Leo reads this wordpress one ] with this lovely award.

Rules :

  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions set by the nominator
  • Choose 11 deserving bloggers meeting the criteria
  • Set 11 questions for them.
  • Inform the nominee by commenting on one of their posts.

Usually I do not accept awards [ I am lazy to write a whole post about myself ] but recently I have some new blogs for you all to check. And so bear with me dearies ..

ME ( though I doubt my regular readers will find anything new here )

1. I am not comfortable writing prose ( fiction / non fiction ). I either wander from track or end up writing all poetry like sentences.

2. I love south-indian food more than north indian when given an option outside home.

3. I do not like changes in plans. If i make some plan , I want it to be followed strictly. Last moment changes irk me.

4. Lack of sleep and hunger made me a complete monster 😛 yes , I am the last person you would mess up with when I am sleepy or hungry.

5. I can not concentrate on anything if once I think of writing. When in that thought zone , I do not welcome any distraction.

6. I love questions. More so , the ones that make me think. Unless too personal , I like people who keep discussing different thoughts , beleif , ideas etc. I even ask a lot of questions from people I love most. Its the easiest way for me to know about a person.

7. I owe my reading habits to my mother. Most of my thoughts and experiences have her influence. One can say , we are more alike than siblings.

8. I love short poetry forms. I am too lazy to read long ones. I don’t even write long ones unless in rare moods.

9. Friends mean a hell lot to me than any relative. Many of them are my extended family sort.

10. there are times when I suddenly grow restless. I realize I can not spend consecutive 2 weekends at home without going out somewhere.

11. I fear a lot of things – losing my loved ones to unnatural causes is the biggest one.

And now the questions which I will be answering both Leo & Reshma’s questions in next post.

but , here are the 11 people I would pass the award :

Kz ( amazing story teller and lovely haiku creator)  ,

WabiSabi ( of wise and deep lines ) ,

Bjorn ( for amazingly real and innovative thoughts ) ,

Magical Mystical Teacher ( haiku , photos and more haiku)  ,

Divya (story teller ) ,

Lynn (queen of heart breaking lines and flowing words ),

Kristjaan Panneman (Haiku Master ) ,

Ermilia ( for picture prompt , the story and the books she talks about ) ,

Carol ( photographs , creative haiku art and lots of other verses ),

A Lot of pages ( my book review page ),

and Lastly Ibeingme ( he is the best muse , inspiration , critic and the best poet i know )

And  oh , I have only one ( or two ) questions for you to answer –

  • what is your favorite post from your blog ?
  • what is your biggest fear ? 

Share with the world  the award and pass it  on if you have new blogs to recco !

Plus , you CAN ask any question ( not more than 11 please 😛 )  to the bloggers you mention 😉

Awards , This – that and blah !

This post was supposed to be written way back ! Ok ! not so long back , but yeah , a week would be fine to assume. Thanks to the second award by Sheelu , I finally am writing this one. Sorry dear , I missed writing the post for previous award so I am gonna combine it in here  😀 ( yeah yeah lazy me 😛 )

( And do scroll down for some awesome blog recco )

The Rules:

  • If you are nominated you must include the link in a blog, linking to the person/blog that nominated you.
  • You must answer some questions and nominate 10 fellow bloggers and link their blogs in your post. Let the people you have nominated know that you have nominated them!

Now as per the rules.. here comes the questions:

  1. Who is your favorite philosopher? My friends Sree , Meanie , Nave and Yogesh. No one can give me wisdom like they do. And my mother for the spiritual guidance always.
  2. What is your favorite number? 13 ( dnt make a face ! its my birthdate )
  3. What is your favorite animal? Cats ( And offlate its yogesh’s pet dogs )
  4. What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs? Twitter : @nimue_
  5. What is your favorite time of day? Returning from office @ 2 AM. I love the silent roads , blinking lights and the darkness travelling with me. It always inspires the dreamy me .
  6. What was your favourite vacation? A much awaited trip with my boyfriend happened this month. So loved the time away from everything and everyone. And I loved the train journey 😀
  7. What is your favorite physical activity?  Walk & Talk ( specially the weekly conference call with my bestie Kartik & Yogesh) :)
  8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Fruit Punch
  9. What is your favorite flower?  Red, yellow roses
  10. What is your passion?  Writing poetry , Reading fiction , cooking for loved ones.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award onto 15 nominees and let them know.

Now as per the rules.. some facts about me:

  • First Love for me is words – Writing and reading are like breathing to me.
  • I love to cook. I haven’t started trying different stuff yet but I am making my own lunch & dinner regularly to master the basics of this art.
  • I am a huge fan of crime / mystery shows. And I do watch them on laptop religiously every week. ( not indian ones , except a rare few)
  • I prefer waking up to /my best friend and roomie Shalini’s voice ( with bed tea of course ) and a sweet good morning text from boyfriend.
  • I can not stay alone more than a week. I have never tried, but I know this about myself.
  • I am not a cleanliness freak but I need my bed to be empty before I sleep.
  • I get uncomfortable with silences. Even with people I know and love , i prefer the conversations going.

And now the Blog Reccos ( I leave it upto you to accept the award or do a post like this )

Firstly , the very inspiration for the post : Ghar ka Khaana ( meaning – home made food )
Next is the inspiration behind my renewed cooking interest : Cook-Eat-Burpp
My weekly fun and 55 fiction quota comes from G-Man (he knows it all 😉 )
The best of poetry art can be found at The World Poetized
My dear friend and mother of two lovely daughters, Lynn writes about love and life at Life between the Lines
Eclipse of the Moon – this page has inspired me to write poetry like no one else. The images are wow and so the words.
The very sensible and entertaining guy Bikram writes at Me and my random thoughts
And last recco to A lot of Pages – the book review blog  i am a part of. If you love books , you must check this blog.

I love Words –

Starting in July 1st week, Blaga started the Season’s favorite challenge. Something which i so badly wanted to do but the lack of enough ideas discouraged me. Lets just say, I was not in the correct frame. At the end of this challenge, the participants wrote a post on All time favorite. I wrote this poem, dedicated to this lovely lady ! and her awesomely amazing blog :

a stolen glance – across the summer fields,
a shy kiss – in the darkest bend of road
out together on a long summer drive;
a warm hug – in the coldest hours
as snow wraps your place,you wrap love;

as rains hit the window pane – hot tea
with spicy snacks fried by mother;

the retorts ,the scoldings, fights in a day;
the barren look like the autumn tree –
as yellow carpets cover the dull roads;

or the time when you think of the flowers –
that covered the trees,lined the roads,
and added romance to your evenings at times;

whether alone, with lover or family of friends,
wether silent, talking or singing to self,
in whatever way, you chose to express,

words link you to the moment and feelings,
to people known and from far off lands –
they hold the world and rule it so,
they love you as much, as you hold them close !

A semi-colon

Yes ! I am talking about a pause, a break here. So thought of semi-colon 😀

Now the pause – We all need break from routine, to give space to our mind and pursue new ideas. Every writer / poet gives one advice to others “READ, Read a lot” And that’s exactly what I have not been able to do lately. I do not regret that I am spending time on listening to music or writing random lines on twitter; but yes, I miss reading poetry blogs. I miss being a part of my blogger friend’s journey with words. And so, after a lot of fight with myself, I decided not to write on this blog for next few weeks. I know so many of you know I can not stop writing when I am in flow, so I am going to keep writing but not posting here. I must read as much as I like to be read. And so my dear friends, I am soon going to visit you all in the next month. Will love if you leave your links in the comments here so i can start right away !

Keep writing.

And keep reading my old posts 😀

Love !

Happy b’day sweetheart

Joys shared, tears shed,
dreams soared, hearts bled,
hopes born, fears put to death
all this and everything you knew,
you compliment me and my love for you.
what would we be without this truth.

today its your special day and no one would be happier than me – to find you, nurture you and protect till now and to keep doing it forever. Love you buddy , love you lots..

happy birthday my blog. Keep growing strong my dear..


Some ten months back
a journey was begun,
to write for myself,
to write for pure fun.

Over the days passed,
words became friends
feelings were more clear
the merger was set to trend.

New challenges found
more bloggers sought
new friends i earned
some fears well fought.

Each day a new learning
each poem a milestone
every reader an inspiration
you never let me be alone.

Another words casted
into some rhyming lines
a humble attempt to thank
you,and bless you smiles.


I wanted to thank some people specially but then that list was too long . So i decided to create a new page soon for all the wonderful blogs i love reading.

Thanks you every one who ever read any line written by me.


Pages from my mind

Read, think,
re-read aloud,
till the words
i talk about
take new roots
in your head,
till some idea
goes with you
even after the end….


Inspired from Big Tent Poetry :

This week, contemplate your canon (not your navel).  Come up with 10 potential titles for your newest/5th/yet-to-be-written manuscript.  Then, from those 10 titles, choose one and write the poem for that title.  Yup.  A little reverse psychology.  Write the title, then write the title poem.