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Life these days.

2 AM.

I leave office.
and like every other office going person, I feel so relaxed. All I want is to call my boyfriend or sometimes mom and talk about how my “day” was. But there is rarely any friend awake to talk at this hour.

Yes , I talk to them after waking up around noon. But I can not explain this itch to hear some loved one after work.

Maybe this will become a major reason I am thinking of a change.
( Infact I am typing this post while travelling back from office )
10 AM

I am woken up by the love birds outside my room’s window. My house has new guests ( they are a part of the house I guess by now)- a pigeon couple. Which I must add are building their nest on top of AC. Needless to say, they mess the whole balcony but neither me nor roomie want to disturb their home. We have even thought of feeding them a bit now and then.

( Did you know pigeons have a strong sense of direction ? Their brain cells can gauge earth’s magnetism which help them track paths. Plus they pair for life  unless one partner dies)


I am ready and waiting for the cab to pick me from home for office. And I thank god(s) that another day of the week is over. I also hope and wish my time  at work be well spent and I keep myself out of petty politics and uselessness of some people around me. Weekend where are you !!

Oh, before that .. Where the hell is cab ??

*Picks my novel and goes reading*

That’s all new to report.
Lot of observations more.
Hopefully soon.


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Stones from day 5-8/365

the vacant plot
of yellow grass,
once dead tired
of loneliness;
now sings aloud
of tiny pair of feet
rushing to swings –
new year gift to park.

next to godliness,
she learned as a child;
and so she feeds
to the ants at her door,
daily sugar and rice.

he focused hard
on the steaming cup
of over sweet tea
paid by a stranger,
overlooking the dog
that shared his meal
without invitation.

each day presented
a new trouble in life,
nothing could he hold
except her love filled time,
neither money nor family
understood his needs,
yet life moved on,
her words guide his feet.


Every moment has a “WOW” factor, If only you observe and appreciate.


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Small Stone : Day 1-4/365


2013-01-01 11.11.05

colorful UNO cards ,
compete with dull grey skies ,
friends having fun.

Egg and bread ,
you and me; best partners;
feeding each other

many unread emails,
sorted into meaningless some folders,
work still remains

my dirty socks
stay glued to the shoes ,
both need wash


Form is inspired by dVerse. Form : Collom Lune.

Written as a part of

2012 , I love you

tangent to flames,
ice creeks,stars strewn over time,
new dreams taking shape

( for Haiku heights and The Sunday Whirl )

After much brooding , what NOT to post about 2012, I decided, some things and people do deserve the mention on this blog. Maybe , just this one time or maybe their names frequent my journals hereafter, but today , this moment, they are special to me and so much dear to my smiles. so in no particular order , I deliver my “farewell 2012” speech.

( you can skip to the end now ’cause the post otherwise might go loong )

some farewells are bitter-sweet.
some moments you want to hold, some want to let go.

2012. I want to hold on to you. totally.

I found the one love I had always waited for.
I found another dear friend and “sister”ly love right in my room.
I fought and fought some more and then cried with and for my best friend and yet we bear each other another year.
Reconnected with my soul sister once again and in much mature ways.
My cooking was made fun of , I was kind of ashamed to re learn , but I learned and treated my family to some awesome meals.
I wrote , and wrote a little more than last year and finally got an e-book published.
I lost ( I assume I did) a little weight and want to lose lot more in 2013 so I can wear that summer dress I always wanted.
I got promoted , got a (very little) salary hike and I did some impressive shopping this year – A new laptop and new TV for home.
Had some memorable trips – Jaipur , Vaishnodevi , Lucknow ( 2 times ) , rishikesh, Mathura-Vrindavan and few to grandmother’s place.
Attended a Muslim wedding ( 2 actually) – wedding of 2 best friends 😀 , met gulzar Saab , did rafting .
Met some awesome people from twitter and blogs.
Had some great conversations – both in person and on call.
Some awesome conference calls and reunions with friends.

A little doubt here , a little argument there. A little insecurity at times , a little let down some nights , some people were missed , a few got lost in lists.

And yet , 2012 was a splendid time after so long.

Thank you god !
bless me and these smiling reasons always 🙂

Battle for Love

How does one react
your anticipation
comes to end;
and you stand at
the very crossroads,
you prepared for;

With whom can you share
you wish to laugh
on your own tricky fate,
how the confusions and chaos
makes you care less
of what becomes
in coming days.

How does one curb
the idiotic demon called
“i told you so”
the words are cast,
the veil torn aside,
the battle lines drawn,
love stands alone
in the ego clash.


I can only try to write what I am going through. Hope it helps to heal and comfort me and my thoughts.


Written for Trifecta ( Anticipation ) & Two shoes Tuesday ( Share)

Friday Fragments

I stumbled upon this awesome prompt to recap our weeks every Friday. I so much needed this I guess. Sometimes writing poetry and flash fiction can get tiring. so yes , this is a reflective way to know how I did this week :

( In order of my remembrance)

* I start the year end writing prompt tomorrow. And really glad to see it turning 3 this year. *fingers crossed* for finding lot of posts to read. Details here

* This blog found its 200th follower. And kind of liked the way wordpress announced it in notifications 😀

* December, I have a secret , long cherished dream to make happen. Please wish me luck .

* I had been trying to find out , who sent me this book since it came as a gift without a name. And it turns out , DialABook ( @dialabook )saw my tweet about someone gifting me a book and did send me one ! That was super awesome thing of the week !

* I finished 40 books this year and on my book review blog , I finished my 50th book review. Much proud to be associated with that blog.

* I realized I am not being at my best behavior for a friend. Maybe I am unable to forget my hurt and am being biased in my judgement. I am not proud of it but for unexplainable reason, I can not seem to change my ways. I do wish best for him.

* For the first time I admitted to myself I have some unresolved resentment against few of my friends, who went missing when I needed and I wish to do the same to them someday. I might have actually acted this selfish with few. Am I proud ? No. Do I regret ? Not yet.

* I wrote another poem in my mother tongue. And I will like to try more and more writing in that.

* I did a considerably decent job at cleaning my room today. And I am more and more enjoying cooking on my own.

* Boyfriend loves me a lot and really wants me to get better every day at whatever I do but its my bestie who really understands me and I guess I love her a bit more every week.

bless you all !

Mommy's Idea

Procrastination #novpad 1

Sunset and sunrise,
no longer trigger
the usual actions
in my day to day life ..
I sleep through sunrise
till its almost noon
Sunset I stare at
if work spares me
from meeting rooms..
Settled now,
in this crazy routine,
I curse myself
when I miss normalacy.
but none of this inspires
enough to search anew
a job that pays and tires not,
some place that allows
flexible working hours..
some day sure,
I shall step out of the box
till then, I be contend
with just writing this post …

Prompted @ Writer’s Digest November PAD !
also linked to OSI.

You, me and nothing else

It was raining when i woke up. As I stepped out and inhaled the damp smell of the empty lot behind my place. The water fell into the puddles making spiral beauties. I smiled, and the same time I thought of a pic you had sent me. Sitting on the banks of a river, making similar circles with the stones, you appeared to enjoy so much. It was the first pic you had emailed me, even though it showed your back to the camera and a raised hand with stone. you used to send me a pic of yours after every time we fought like we would never talk again. And your smile would melt my anger always. no words ,no apologies , no regrets.

Just insane conversations and lame ideas chasing some impossible dreams and making a heavy drug – a magic potion that became not just addiction but a way of living. when realities offered to pull me down, it was my world with you that kept me smiling and hopeful. Every dark night brought me to your door steps and even if i had to wait for days to hear from you, I waited at the door steps, knocking on the door once in a while.

In hope you will listen,
and even if you not,
you understood me still,
and calmed my chaos.

Then one day you locked the door and went away to unknown lands. I sat staring at the door, staring at it hard in hope it will break lose and lead me to your sanctum – where I know you have left a clue for any one who comes seeking. Oh yes, you did that unknowingly , but I am sure there is a clue in there. But I dare not touch the lock. You will not want me to step in there. You never wanted me to know you as well as I managed to. So I walk away, and create new worlds from my dreams. But I cross your door still, in hope you will return some day. You will return , won’t you ?? The silence echoes with disappointed sighs. You are not going to return, and I will not break the lock, not yet.

The unsaid desire of yours
the unheard cries of my heart
the wait for an impossible time
the sound of fading footstep.

Its been a while I have been standing in the rains, and thinking all this. With wet eyes and heavy heart , i return to my room. As I step out of my clothes, I feel as if i am shedding a mask of mine. A mask I wore after you were gone. An invisible cloak, like I talked about last night. Yes, i changed, morphed into a sponge that absorbs and loses the world as and when I want, and not the black whole I was turning into when you left. I am not just alive , I live. I not just breathe, i make the air a part of me and when I let it out, I wish it has taken away my negative thoughts with it. I drink in the words floating around me and get high on the lines that others sell. Its a simple transaction , you sell some , you buy some.

Words that taunt your silence
pauses that fill the lines
pain that sweeps the mind
tears that fill your nights.

This weekend I saw a movie which talked of one last wish if you come alive out of a deadly situation. I did not have to think twice. I new what I would do – I will break that lock and seek you. i will not rest till I have found you. I do not know what i want to say , or what I need to hear. Maybe I just want to see if you have learned how to hug some one well. Maybe you learned a lot more while away from me. whatever be it, I need to see you once again. You took air out of my world, but it still breathes; You took away the spring , i kept it alive with tears; you took yourself out of it, I implanted your memories instead.


One more hug,
one more smile,
one infinite kiss
that lasts just a while.


you think I will move on , I did. you think I will grow out of the bond , I did. you think I will forget you, I can’t.
you remember me still, i know. you miss listening to me , i know. you will never admit to even yourself, i know that too.

I know this all,
I know bit more,
I know your ways,
mine, you forgot !


Image Source : tumbler


This is the 4ooth post on my blog and hence dedicated to the one I have been using as a muse since I started the blog ! Bless you !

A semi-colon

Yes ! I am talking about a pause, a break here. So thought of semi-colon 😀

Now the pause – We all need break from routine, to give space to our mind and pursue new ideas. Every writer / poet gives one advice to others “READ, Read a lot” And that’s exactly what I have not been able to do lately. I do not regret that I am spending time on listening to music or writing random lines on twitter; but yes, I miss reading poetry blogs. I miss being a part of my blogger friend’s journey with words. And so, after a lot of fight with myself, I decided not to write on this blog for next few weeks. I know so many of you know I can not stop writing when I am in flow, so I am going to keep writing but not posting here. I must read as much as I like to be read. And so my dear friends, I am soon going to visit you all in the next month. Will love if you leave your links in the comments here so i can start right away !

Keep writing.

And keep reading my old posts 😀

Love !

Song in my head

Very few days
when you wake up
with a song in your head,
blessed be the days
when you can smile
over a song in your  head.
reasons be unknown
for the joys bubbling
from the song in your head.
hum it first,then
sing it aloud to the world
the song in your head…


Dedicated to all my friends and readers here is the song i woke up humming in my head –  [ The song has english subtitles so you can watch]