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I write , I always want to

you ask why I write ,
and I admit ,
I am tempted to tell you,
maybe not the truth
’cause I know not today
what truth you will prefer
There ws a challenge,
when I began year back;
then came the need to impress
to spread my wings and test;
to cry , smile , scream and break
into peices over soft grass
or shredded glass in cold nights,
I wrote with abundance,
with pride over my new friends
and with fear one year –
the same year that I was robbed,
left naked to bleed and cry
while some one erased words
from dreams and real life alike.
Why I still wrote, my friends asked
and I have no answer except
writing a few bits more in secret.
Never did I know, I wrote
’cause there was someone out there
who waited to read me,
to match his silence with my lines,
to sing the words I left behind,
to read my words,
read me,
write to me,
write me ..
Write …
I write for him,
I wrote to seek him,
I write of his love
I wrote dreams of him
I write
I always will,
I want to ..





This is a non stop writing that happened after reading this post and the comments below.

thank you dVerse Poets ! you always make me write some amazing stuff 😉