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Against all odds

This is for the month of November , the 30 poems for PAD , the milestone of 500 posts and for the December month challenge that I will host.


The odds are high
high as you make;
make if you really wish,
wish for undying desire;
desire to jettison fear –
fear of being left,
left unread or unheard;
unheard are the words
words that can not;
not mob their way out,
out on paper or text files;
files that find ways
ways to behave as they will;
will you still not write,
write your heart and mind ?


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whenver we meet.. (#novpad day 21)


“Love is blind”,
so was said long ago,
“and lovers cannot see”
that drowned my hopes,
to ever be able to speak,
the silence smoldered
the fires,oblivious to my sky
trapped in a planet of dreams,
fleeting glances of  you,
like ice to the my tired feet,
pierced holes of longing
in the soul already battered,
and eyes so devoid of sleep…


Prompted @ November PAD (day 21) , Carry on Tuesday , Sunday whirl

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She was a goddess – #novpad day 8

My aunt,

she was my father’s aunt

i later realized;

Well people say

she was blessed –

she could ward off evil

with prayers and charity.

that is all mother always

remember her like, and me –

only by a dream of hers,

where she stands tall over me,

scaring away my nightmares,

and I never can tell why i think

it was pretty normal,

the way she looked,

she looked like the very goddess I pray to !



Written for November PAD day 8

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Poems for #novpad (day 6, 5)


Uncontrolled longing,
a minute more, some more words
no mystery.am addict

Prompted @ Haiku heights (Mystery) , November PAD # 6 (Addict)


Behind the smiles,
Reality spins a different tale,
On-lookers wonder, while
Keen eyes smile with understanding,
Enough stories live within stories,
No matter how long you keep silent.
Prompted @ November PAD # 5 –  For today’s prompt, write a broken poem. The poem can be specifically about something breaking or just include something (or someone for that matter) that’s broken. Get as creative as you want about interpreting what’s broken: cars, hearts, toys, spirits, codes, etc.

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