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I never knew

“This is what I learned: that everybody is talented, original and has something important to say.”
– Brenda Ueland

Never knew when I put to use,
this thought i read
and its a wonder
I remembered too.
Asked him to write
and care not for reaction
had a faint feeling,
his words must be freed
and let take flight,
that ideas he never had
must some day see light,
and I see him today
miles ahead
spinning magic
and reality alike
with the same pen,
he never knew he had.

Dedicated to a dear friend and one of my fav blogger off late 🙂

Prompted @ November PAD day#2 :

For today’s prompt, use an epigraph to kickstart your poem. That is, use a quotation. You can use a favorite of your own, or if you’re having trouble thinking of one, I’ve provided a few below. To format an epigraph poem, a poet places the quotation between the title and the body of the poem, while also giving credit to the source of the quotation.


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Procrastination #novpad 1

Sunset and sunrise,
no longer trigger
the usual actions
in my day to day life ..
I sleep through sunrise
till its almost noon
Sunset I stare at
if work spares me
from meeting rooms..
Settled now,
in this crazy routine,
I curse myself
when I miss normalacy.
but none of this inspires
enough to search anew
a job that pays and tires not,
some place that allows
flexible working hours..
some day sure,
I shall step out of the box
till then, I be contend
with just writing this post …

Prompted @ Writer’s Digest November PAD !
also linked to OSI.