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birthdays , anniversaries, festivals
some how they lost meaning for me
except birthdays I can say,
specially mine , if it is a memorable day.
But there are some other dates,
I celebrate with all my heart,
I love to cherish and live those hours
when we met , when we loved,
when we fought and later kissed,
when I proposed, when you finally did too,
when we were engaged, and officially “we”
when we celebrated these days,
even if I had to remind you the dates;
These are my favorite celebrations
and they led us here today –
a wedding in three weeks,
a life time of dates to note and make special.

A poem like this too ! #OctPoWriMo

a poem a day,
I knew I would stray,
it is not about ease
but some odd muses,
who refuse to be penned
not till you beg them in the end.

And lo behold
another poem unfolds,
poor day eighteen
had to bear this from me
a lousy poem, a bad verse
but hey, I made it rhyme still.


good or bad , I had fun writing this 😀

thanks to the wonderful prompts @ OctPoWriMo

I feel you close #OctPoWriMo

Why do I then feel you close ?
each time I think of my first lines
why do I see you in each pause?
when I get cut by a rose
did I miss the warning signs ?
Why do I then feel you close ?
the happy smiles and the pose,
was there ever a truth in that time ?
why do I see you in each pause?
In words were your feelings enclosed,
yet I never read them right,
Why do I feel you close ?
for many , it was what you chose,
why then were tears all mine,
why do I see you in each pause?
you taught me life, from ashes you rose,
till your death pushed me into confines
Why do I then feel you close ?
why do I see you in each pause?
I never have a “words unsaid” moment with some one living. Nor do i have any thought left to share with people lost. But there is one guy , whose death did break my heart , whose absence is still felt some nights. Even if for sharing my poems and smiles beyond the distances. This is for some one who left us all on will and that’s something I can never know why.
After this , I went back to read this post which I had written about this special friend and I feel , the poem is not complete without the whole story.

News make no sense #OctPoWriMo

News make no sense today
some stocks crashed,
some one bought 176 crore
worth houses some place;
I read of new diseases
on rise ’cause of smartphone;
it seems people check it
150 times a day –
I guess I checked it
a little more than usual,
anxious and nervous too,
hopeful yet feeling guilty too,
no news of the friend
I wanted to hear from,
no words to shed light
where else can I now go ?
News make no sense today
happiness has decided to be away.

Today’s post is a real surprise. My mood did not permit me to even attempt writing but when I could not hold my emotions , I knew I had to write.
Hope this makes sense to you or some one ..
Shared with the wonderful people linking to OctPoWriMo

smile & silence : Two posts for #OctPoWriMo

I skipped writing yesterday , So please bear with two poems in this post [ both off the prompt perhaps ]

His smile

slight curve
of the silent lips
he fills my soul
slowly, sweetly;
sweaty palms
on my skin,
fingers sketching
trails of sin,
sigh, moan,
his eyes shine
oh love,I lust for
the way you smile…

Today’s prompt is silence. I have rarely liked being silent or silent people. there was a time when after a while , silence would make me uncomfortable. It changed when I had to move to a new city and was alone most weekends. Here is a thought on those days –

Lonliness – a mistress I keep
for company in nights
when all world sleeps
but not my thoughts;
silence – the child i never sought
until one night the knocks
on my heart’s door
took away my sleep;
there was much to learn
and so much more to know
about my love , my fears,
my denial and the pain,
my acceptance , be it late.
There was much to let go of,
the world was no more known
silence and loneliness took over
and I was never the same again.

This is for OctPoWriMo # 13 , 14

Morning charms [ #OctPoWriMo day 11]

Deep in my sleep,
I can make the sweet voice
asking me when I would wake up,
I smile , knowing well,
morning tea would not be ready
for some more time;
clink clink of vessels – pitter patter of water
the morning smell of tea
mixing in the dry hum of AC;
the soft footsteps, the warm familiarity
the half baked dreams
served with fresh bread
and her morning hellos –
She , my blessing , my friend –
her morning prayers , her cooking ,
her smile – my charms for the day
She , my friend , my angel.

This is a dedication to my dearest Roommate and best friend. Written for OctPoWriMo day 11.
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you and Me

You and Me
were those circles
growing apart in a pond


I wished God to throw
in a leaf ,a flower or twig
that gently swam
from me to you
binding us again
in an embrace.

You and Me
were always meant
to be love, to be care
to hide in such words
and meet in between

You and Me
will always hold
these ripples at bay
or let them pass through
the hearts so entwined
by fate.

If ever I have to write a reply poetry , I choose some from Ibeingme‘s blog. Maybe ’cause he is my inspiration for all my words that convey love , I can never be more happy than to write my side of thoughts on each of his word.  The poem that inspired above lines is :

You and Me
are those circles
after stones are thrown
On the surface of a pond.
When we grow bigger
We both grow further,
When stones fall deep in the water
and on the surface
where we are growing
tells the world
we were never there.
You and Me
Were never there.
This is for OctPowriMo day 10 prompt to be inspired from another person’s poem.

Feel love around ( #OctPowriMo day#9)

I cried all night , and a bit in morning
till I hear him in my dream , feel my love around,
Oh dear lover, since you left last evening,
I cried all night , and a bit in morning
his unfinished songs , absent-mindedly I sing
plucking my thoughts away from his eyes brown,
I cried all night , and a bit in morning
till I hear him in my dream , feel my love around.
This is a Triolet written for lyrical Poetry prompt at OctPoWriMo