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Wisdom finds me

Wisdom comes to you from unexpected places and people too. Same way, a reminder to be aware comes at unexprected times.

As I went for the daily walk with my friend today morning , we were stopped by an aged guy walking in direction opposite to us. He asked if we were students ( I wish I really looked that young 😉 ) and so on. Before we parted , he asked do you know the name of India’s first PM and President ? Well, I did. And the latest he asked. I did know that too. He was pleased. And I was pleased to see that smile at his face. And that moment I thanked all my teachers and my friends now who keep me aware of the world around me.

Half an hour later, in the vegetable shop, me and my friend were discussing about some shopping we did last week. And I casually said “have you gone mad?” to her. An aged guy turned to us and asked if it was really necessary to say that one sentence. I was totally embarrassed. He did not stop at that and kept adressing everyone in general, adding “if only such sentences could be avoided, there would be so less fights and arguements.” So true ! I reflected as I came back home. We really have spoiled our manners and conversation skills. Its not wrong to be polite to all and at all times.

Thank you Oh wise older generation !
We still have a lot to learn and preserve …

This and that

This weekend i was at my cousin’s place – me and my aunt comfortable in blankets and listening to hemant kumar songs on youtube – she knows every single line of most of the songs still !!

My uncle was in the next room watching cricket match and no one is supposed to even touch the remote till it ends, so there are two TVs in the house – one for his cricket and rest for others to watch. Suddenly we heard the channels changing and all of us were curious to know who or what made it happen. After 5 min of browsing all the channels, my uncle came in and asked – “On which channel is the show with these old songs coming?”

We all laughed so much when we realized he was listening to the songs we played on youtube.

I will not forget this incident for long time. Such pleasure , such innocent joys.

And here is one of my fav Hemant Kumar song –


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Can not think of anything more to bore you with 😉

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God bless ya !