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I fly

Balloon of my dreams,
heavy with expectations,
can not put me down.
No!Not any more.
Into the sunlit clouds
I fly, maybe not high,
I still sing aloud.

Prompted @ One shoot SundaySunday 160



Today as part of Spotlight, i searched the archives of a friend’s blog and found this :

Spilled Ink

by iBeingMe


I remember every word

That you told me was assured

I recall that night

When I reclaimed all my might

I have everything to gain

I’ll be more than just a name

It’s time to spill the ink

Allow your words to sink

On this paper in front of me

Because your thoughts are my new enemy



Stone and wood – 2

The stones were hurt
when taken apart
resentment ran high
when wood joined.
Wood wasn’t happy
to be placed like this
for all it thought
no purpose was seen.
Then the couple came
and sat in the door
looking at the fields
they talked on and on.
The wood heard them
and so did the stones
both happy at the
sight of comfort.
the stones did not fall
nor the wood chipped
but waited in unison
for other lovely beings.
Submitted to One Shot Wednesday
Image from One Shoot Sunday

You & Me

You & Me : what's not

You to me;
I to you
like priority.
You seek me
I seek you
than the need.
You want me
I want you
two poles of
magnetic feild.
You understand me
I understand you
like two people
so lonely.
You pamper me
I pamper you
dreamy shadows
of reality.
You wish for me
I wish for you
some one else to
care and forever be.
You know of me
I know of you
time will bring
in distances.
I will though
remember You
the way You will
want Me to,
in memories.


Prompted @ One shoot Photography Sunday

Also Submitted to One Shot wednesday