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What do I wait for,

do i really know not,

the unsaid remains so,

some feelings don’t grow.

Why did I wait so long

when signs clearly told

it was no good to hope,

you I could ever hold.

Why I could not stop

these lines to show

what I hide from all,

who I still wait for ?

Guess its not my call

to decide and move on;

I shall never be home

unless you mark me yours.

Prompted @ OSI.

submitted also to Open Link night.

Image source : imgfave.com

You : my beauty , my wealth

Source : Imgfave.com

I dream of walking on a beach,
hand in hands with you,
picking shells at random,
watching their design blend
in the sand that sinks
beneath our feet,
aware of your sweet scent,
and your breath on my skin,
I walk into the water,
yet i feel the flames
in each glance you throw;
we devise new ways
to play same tricks together
giggles for kisses,
smiles for hugs,
brushing fingers
as we part …
each tomorrow richer,
each yesterday a lesson;
you lead me into love
and into passion you draw me;
flexibly bending my doubts
and turning into a wealth
i feel I own,being with you.


Prompted @ OSI , sunday scribblings , Sunday whirl

Blessed by words – post#600

When winds refused
to raise the wings,
i grew for years
to help me stay above;
I cut them one by one
dripping blood and tears
and into a shell i went
away from all dear ones.
But words are stronger
then i ever imagined
a golden ray of hope,
I caught for escape.
only words did keep
the promise to stick,
people came closer
and some were let go,
but always did god grant
a special one to hold.
To all those special
and dear ones I raise
a wassil for lifetime
whether i stay around
or decide to move on.
today you people matter
and i wish to keep it so
till we forget our blessing,
and have our dreams lost.


This post#600 is dedicated to every one I met in my journey of writing on this page. Thank you every one. Bless you !

A special mention to the love i got from few people in my life that has kept me loyal to my first love – the love for words.

Prompted @ The Mag , OSI

The “some one”

Photo Copyright: James Rainsford. Used with Permission.

The only name he smiled at,
the only eyes he looked for,
the very smile to flatter him,
the only girl he wished to live for –
today she remains in heart and mind,
a memory of a long-lost time.
From everything to some one special,
the transition happened without cause;
the face was never captured in photo,
it was meant to stay as a muse unknown.

Prompted @ Dverse Poetics (Image ) , OSI (transition ) , Sunday Scribblings ( whats the rest of the story )

Giving up

The twisted hallways,
that her thoughts made
were sources of illness,
she knew;
Miracles ceased to happen
with the last of his words,
echoing within gestures
she later saw;
Singing of bleak hopes
she hands her dreams
to the light that follows
her destiny;
Delivering justice to all
but none to carry her flame
she cries hard and gives up
at his grave.

Prompted @ OSI , Sunday Whirl wordle

My lucky charm

It was the color of purple,
the one of not so fresh bruises,
that happen to be alive
not by luck,but by citizens
of this world we call earth,
the ones whose mental health
lie in the states of breakdown.
With such inkpot,on my tender skin
was a story of troubles written,
even dreams lagged behind life
caught in some random year,
letting past fly ahead of future.
a game I let too long to be played,
which ended when you came
armed with smiles and goodwill.
no nightmare has ever stayed,
no hope been left uncalled
no fear other than losing you
and no pleasure bigger than you…



This post is a dedication to my friend, my soul sister, my love !

(You know it darling :*)


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My knight..


Tumbling into your arms,
restless emotions released,
with rapid falling tears
spasms of rare gratitude
hit me like pulsations
of your passion into me,
elements of my existence
fused into weightlessness
in a glass furnace,spacious
enough to hold your energy
till we get a grip on reality
laughing on the enigma of love

Prompted @ Wordle here , OSI , Sunday Scribbling

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Sacred joys


Together one evening
with friends and family,
Sapid with joys and celebrations,
the air full of sacred blessings,
the pious flames dancing,
heart , head and soul
ready for the new life’s calling,
her shy smiles fail to hide
the beat of her love filled heart,
your caring hold on her hands
as you make promises to be there
in times to come, good or bad.

Jan 2012. The darkness of winters will be challenged by the warm smiles and lights in that corner of my town. My best friend will hold the hands of his love and lead the way into a new life. This time, I would be there, along with other friends – a bunch of people knowing each other from school , waving in and out of each other’s life and yet never far from heart and mind.

Yay ! Next month is my best friend’s wedding. And after missing almost every one’s wedding for one reason or another, I will be attending this one. Am so excited to meet all friends and some of their partners too ! And to dress up and go have a dance on the floor !


January , you look promising my love.



Written for Months of the year challenge#2  , Carry on tuesday , Sunday Scribblings , OSI