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Near yet far

Lets put to vote,

to say or not,

what wrong goes

creating my woes..

Lets seek a council

i be the pupil

and you my guide

lets begin the ride..

Hands follow trail

of desires so frail

yet lips know to seal

as passion heals..

you and me

not meant to be

yet some how we are

so near, so far …

Prompted @ Magpie Tales (image) , Sunday Scribblings , OSI

Procrastination #novpad 1

Sunset and sunrise,
no longer trigger
the usual actions
in my day to day life ..
I sleep through sunrise
till its almost noon
Sunset I stare at
if work spares me
from meeting rooms..
Settled now,
in this crazy routine,
I curse myself
when I miss normalacy.
but none of this inspires
enough to search anew
a job that pays and tires not,
some place that allows
flexible working hours..
some day sure,
I shall step out of the box
till then, I be contend
with just writing this post …

Prompted @ Writer’s Digest November PAD !
also linked to OSI.

Love for him ..

One word that repeats

in all its pages –

LOVE : different days,

different ways,

for different people

my heart did sway..

But did you not know

the pattern that was

of liking and failure

the emotional contrast..

dear notebook, I know

you gave me signs

of potential troubles

much before time..

you even wrote in bold

the true feelings i had

but could you not teach

the mind to not go mad..

of HIM i think so much now

but do I ever stand a chance

to let him hear my doubt

where in his life do I stand ?

Prompted @ OSI [ notebook]

uncomfortably yours

The truth-
any version of it
is not
but the acceptance;
call it sinful
or feelings
i must be ashamed of,
mock my heart
or give standing ovation
for the courage;
brush my ideas
into cans of hopelessness
or fuel them
with your undirected anger;
I am what we desired
not; neither what you imagine,
I am for you – you are for me –
we are everything –
born from


Prompted @ OSI , Sunday Scribblings