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A letter from angel !

I knew you not more than your name

guess,even  for you it was the same;

yet you sent for me a letter that day

in times when fashion is to call or  mail.

Life was not treating me great, you knew

was it reason enough for that letter from you ?

With what authority did you decide to write

all those harsh realities and the inspiring lines ?

Was it your words or the faith you instilled in me

that i cleared all hurdles that came into being !

To that letter and you, i will forever owe

my first success, my pride for my first job.

You were the angel to me,not just that day

but every time i needed,your words were there.

all thanks to the letter you wrote to me

and the fact that it was well responded.

Prompted at OSI and Sunday Scribblings

Also submitted to One Shot Wednesday



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Preponderance of thoughts
and none to pen right now;
search or create the muse,
this has to be done,but how !

Life, love, pleasures and joys
don’t we all seek the same things
tears, disappointments and pain
of these too we are forced to sing.

Should dreams be kindled tonight
or memories be allowed to play,
should words paint a rainbow for me
or hopes will mercilessly be slayed.

Ah! this hopeless clutter of words
the entangled web of random moods,
they actually are a source of this poem
and it so seems,they prefer it this crude !

Prompted at

One Single Impression and Sunday Scribblings