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of pleasure and guilt,
of success and miss,
of tears and pain,
of releif and rains,
of high and low,
of bend or blow,
of hurt and heal
of touch and feel.
some we form,
some we hold,
some we hate to make,
some we can not break,
some trap us inside,
some push us outside,
some overlap,
some never can.
of life,
for life,
since life.


Prompted @ OSI ,
Also linked to Open link night !
Been too long I wrote a poem I guess. This was so refreshing.

Heart's battles

Sitting at the corner table alone,
she awaits for him with a lost look
unaware of the coffee gone cold.
she flips throught a random book
pausing at a poem on some page
the one that has her attention hooked.
It talks of anger and uncontrolled rage
in matters of love , lust and sometimes hate
trapping all energy like a bird in cage.
such feelings that are often discovered late
for the world no longer seem to know
how fragile hearts never win battles with fate.
This is a Terza Rima for Open Link Night.

Across the rivers & thoughts

It was a vast river,
or so you thought
’cause where I stood,
I saw only you –
a few rocks in between
the clear and still water,
like a sky beneath my feet.
The more I waited,
my thoughts built a buliding
with rooms without windows,
of different colors and size,
the overworked emotions
screaming for a respite
yet never giving up on you.
Our eyes met, for the briefest moment,
enough to make the water ripple,
and show us a clear path,
patiently we held each other
in thoughts across rivers
and the adjoining buildings,
finding our purpose
one step at a time
till we meet
where we are destined,
in hearts and arms.
This is a much pending response to this post by Ibeingme

A to Z challenge : H(a)unted

different words –
feeding on emotions same
fear , hatred , anger;
some one got the thrills,
corrupted by the power
of the mask worn;
growing each day
from terror her eyes showed;
indulging in the game
outside the boundaries
once well drawn.
Hunted she was,
and maybe always,
haunted she would stay;
by the scars
his vile intentions
would become her nightmare.

I write , I always want to

you ask why I write ,
and I admit ,
I am tempted to tell you,
maybe not the truth
’cause I know not today
what truth you will prefer
There ws a challenge,
when I began year back;
then came the need to impress
to spread my wings and test;
to cry , smile , scream and break
into peices over soft grass
or shredded glass in cold nights,
I wrote with abundance,
with pride over my new friends
and with fear one year –
the same year that I was robbed,
left naked to bleed and cry
while some one erased words
from dreams and real life alike.
Why I still wrote, my friends asked
and I have no answer except
writing a few bits more in secret.
Never did I know, I wrote
’cause there was someone out there
who waited to read me,
to match his silence with my lines,
to sing the words I left behind,
to read my words,
read me,
write to me,
write me ..
Write …
I write for him,
I wrote to seek him,
I write of his love
I wrote dreams of him
I write
I always will,
I want to ..





This is a non stop writing that happened after reading this post and the comments below.

thank you dVerse Poets ! you always make me write some amazing stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰