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In Life’s journey

the roads pause
even if you do not;
round and round
the landmarks appear;
each experience lead to
same old thoughts;
midway or not –
its the point in life
we never realize
before it has passed
and we find a stranger
suddenly residing
within our heart and mind –
a new you,
prepared for
the new journey ahead…

Prompted @ Carry on Tuesday

Originally inspired by Musical Poetry Prompt : Gordon Lightfoot’s Don Quixote


What do I wait for,

do i really know not,

the unsaid remains so,

some feelings don’t grow.

Why did I wait so long

when signs clearly told

it was no good to hope,

you I could ever hold.

Why I could not stop

these lines to show

what I hide from all,

who I still wait for ?

Guess its not my call

to decide and move on;

I shall never be home

unless you mark me yours.

Prompted @ OSI.

submitted also to Open Link night.

Image source : imgfave.com

Found yet lost

A blank canvas,
a black canvas,
thats how she felt
as he rained his love
and wordless passion;

some emotions raged,
some emotions caged,
a contrast of colors
fell across her soul
in a print so unknown;

lost and found
far yet around
words lay scattered
few clear, most hazy
awaiting a chance to flow.

Aligned with him
hooked to him,
she lay yet so alone
her rythm disrupted
it was time she let go.


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