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100% Sure ? ( PAD#4 #napowrimo 5)

complaints growl in the head
as the probability games unfold;
“he loves me-he loves me not”
love after all is a hyped emotion,
I say to my words and smile
“for this moment,he is just mine”
I need no justification from him
neither would I voice my doubt
“to be happy now,love is all about?”


PAD#4 : take the phrase, “100% (blank);” replace the blank with a new word or phrase; make the new phrase the title of your poem

3WW ( growl , hype , justify )

Hello Visitors (#napowrimo day#2)

Hello visitors,
this you know is my dream;
a place I hope you know the limits
and the rules; yet unknown to me.
you show me places and events
that happened not,or maybe could have
some I wish never come true
others I feel I knew before you.
My mind’s state reflected often
my dreams I feel are powerful potion
made of your power of love
fighting my desperation for some.

Prompted @ sunday Scribblings (Reflect)

Napowrimo#2 : Write a poem inspired by the song that was #1 on the day that you were born. Find it via this page  . Mine was –  The Power Of Love – Jennifer Rush

Apr PAD#2 : write a visitor poem

Need you – National Poetry Writing Month (#NaPoWriMo #1)

Here are 2 places I am gonna haunt for prompts and reading :

Poem a day


And of course am gonna write too 😀

SO here we go :

Each week, you return to me
with no new words or messages,
each week I welcome still
with open arms,smiling
at the god’s gift
even for time being.
I tell my fears and secrets
in details,shamelessly
to you alone and spaces
that your kisses leave
between my curses
to you,myself and living,
struggling to be free
of either you or the habit
to need, regularly.

Written for PAD#1 : To write a communication Poem


For once,
Admit to yourself,
Love had no meaning
Lack of hate it was,
Interested we were,
Neutralizing insecurities,
Good idea ? Maybe Never.


"Afloat" (source unknown)


From loving “WE”,to
Losing “OUR” self,for
Others’ thoughts;
Attracted to sinking darkness
Tired of searching reason,
I rest in laps of evil,
Nothing to lose any more,
Giving up on you, I float.


Prompted @ BTP [ Write about a bad idea , write about floating ] , PAD [ write about falling ]

Also submitted to Poets United [ Monsters]

Chained here

Moving on
got a new meaning
the moment
you locked
the doors between you and me
and even lost the key.

Worst of all
you chained yourself
to memory
before me
erasing the years together
robbing me from you.

am not here
not even any place else
finally free
yet bounded
by your fears feeding my hope
with dreams of our sin

Prompted @ OSI [shackles] and PAD challenge [Day 16]

Poetry form  : Shadorma is a Spanish 6-line syllabic poem of 3/5/3/3/7/5

Poetry and Illusion

Prompted @ PAD challenge[Day 12]  to write a form poetry . I discovered Lune on the same site, and the same I tried here.

Kelly lune [5-3-5 syllable count]:
words alone never
make a poem;
make a discovery

Let ideas  be seated
in your head-
now watch them unfold.

This was written for We Write Poem [ About writing a poem]
Collum lune [3-5-3 word count]:

A tragic magician
creates illusion out of evident;
Is God amused ?

God make evident
of all illusion we create;
a tragic logic !

Submitted to 3WW