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Party Last night



I fear the audio volume is very less even with headphones .. so here’s the poem :

Munching on cup noodles,
I reflect on the hours gone by..
the cold tea residues
evoke a warm smile,
as much as the memory
of the talks,
that flowed around it.
the pizza box would probably
have one last slice left;
and I am reminded of the
cheese dripping grins
that were followed
by the dreamy walk
through choclate and
the orange tinted roads..
As I pack my bags,
with borrowed books and movies,
a sense of satisfaction
shines in my smile
and i look at you –
the host and the friend
sharing another laugh
over another silly text..
And I wish I could tell
how much the time spent
was loved and will forever
be cherished as well …


This is a dedication to my best friend who finally hosted a movies night at his place ! It was a great time !!