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A little while

Venus and The Sailor, 1925, by Salvador Dali

A little while,
more my love,
he whispers in my dreams
A little while
is all I need,
before this dreams cease to be;
A little while
you must wait
his unhurried touch speaks
a little while
is all I have
to let you know how I feel;
a little while
I understand
I have to make myself believe
Many of these
little while
is what life turns out to be.

Prompted @ The Mag , Carry on Tuesday , Sunday Scribblings

My knight..


Tumbling into your arms,
restless emotions released,
with rapid falling tears
spasms of rare gratitude
hit me like pulsations
of your passion into me,
elements of my existence
fused into weightlessness
in a glass furnace,spacious
enough to hold your energy
till we get a grip on reality
laughing on the enigma of love

Prompted @ Wordle here , OSI , Sunday Scribbling

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Near yet far

Lets put to vote,

to say or not,

what wrong goes

creating my woes..

Lets seek a council

i be the pupil

and you my guide

lets begin the ride..

Hands follow trail

of desires so frail

yet lips know to seal

as passion heals..

you and me

not meant to be

yet some how we are

so near, so far …

Prompted @ Magpie Tales (image) , Sunday Scribblings , OSI

I surrender

your dreams approach me,
as i begin to relax in mine;
breaching my privacy,
baring my soul naked,
they tease my senses,
arouse my desire
untill i whisper
your name between sobs
of guilty pleasure,
like embers of my flesh
aglow in your gaze,
I surrender to you,
your need of me,
and mine of you …


Prompted @ 3WW

A game of fruits

Its one of your game again we play
the stupid games I never refuse
with a basket of fruits in between
we sit across each other in the bed
“this is all you get to eat tonight”
you smile with your eyes and take a bite
passing it to me,you search my face
“remember the rule,on every third bite
we lose a peice of what is currently worn”
“You cheater”,i scream and laugh
“you told me to come in layers of it”
while i nibble at the fruit,juice dripping
along my fingers,that you lick without wait.
“No one offerred you that”, I protest
“Its my game, my rules”,with a wink you say.
And so we peel the fruit and our self,
as we face each other with a new formed lust.
On the second fruit, or maybe it was third,
the basket forgotten, and so the distances
you eat from my hands or maybe its me
the sheets crumpled, fruit stains dried,
the night spent,tracing abyss of our desires.

Prompted @ March challenge (Day 11 – Fruit) , OSI (passionate)

Lonely without you

Wearing your favorite shirt
i lie alone in the bed tonight,
from miles away we recollect
memories etched in the mind.

the molten kisses on cold skin
the muffled and muted cries
the images make me so lonely,
i keep turning sides all night

the way you wrapped me tight
in your warm and loving embrace
has left its phantom feel on me
something i don’t want to escape.

distances are just a reminder
of the passion that only we know
and what finally i settle with is
our love that makes the bonds.

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