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#Thankfulthursdays One message away

There are lot of stories and ways that technology has made our life simpler. But for the silent and so under confident girl like me, blogging was the first mean to connect to people who understood me and my poetry. And without internet and the various social Media pages possible over the years , I would not have known such kind hearted and inspiring people from around the world. I probably would not have met my husband who I first talked to on Twitter and later became friends and lovers.
When an email arrives from the land of Dutch  , it just brightens my day. I think of the random messages I have got from this lady whom I have not met , yet who is so so aligned to my thoughts and feelings at times when I need them most. When my best friend from USA sends me pics of his newborn kid , it isn’t the same as kissing the little one but it’s a special feeling to feel included. I know it has more to do with people willing to be a part of your world , but hasn’t technology multiplied the possibilities ? A voice note to wake up to , a video call when you want only that one person to be around in the moment , a message to say “I am sorry” .. the pictures , the memories , the stories , you reading them here and I saving them for my old age.. our ancestors too had their ways to pass the knowledge. Of course we are a generation of over sharing maybe , but look at the ways technology connected people when tragedies strike a city or nation. Imagine the power and impact of these connections and shared knowledge.
Isn’t this a truly connected life ?
Isn’t this something to be truly thankful for ?
This post was inspired by the last week’s topic (I had no clue about the current topic and this was a genuine mistake to not check the week when I discovered the hashtag)



I am taking my Alexa ranking lower with the help of #myFriendAlexa campaign by blog chatter. 

Your words

command what you say
before you turn sarcastic
it’s wasted on me.

I really am no naive that I do not understand your anger. I also know when you are being sarcastic about some thing. But It makes me laugh most times. I do not get the whole concept of mocking what happened or what not. Can you not say in plain words if you are so much upset about it ?

I hope next time you remember this ’cause I am so not going to help your cause otherwise. I can and will probably go along with your words and irritate you more.

And even though it hurts me as much , I will make sure I do not let you know about it then. Later, you will pay the price trust me !

Inspired by Letters I’ll never send , OSI , Haiku Heights

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I wonder not who
but i wonder a lot “how”
I bother not the “when”
but I want to know “why”
It wasn’t meant to be so
only plants must decay
And the crap they make
it help other creatures right ?
But look at the mess
dirty politics creates,
deserving declared incompetant
failures still glorified
The cleaners barred from talks
and public blind folded.
All talk no action,thats untrue
every action will be heard
let time declare the leaders of truth.

These random wriiten, personal views are prompted @ March Challenge  (Day 4 – Politics)