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Little clouds of dreams

Like dandelions
Fluttering freely in the air
The white fluffy dreams blinking
in the sun; I stand there rooted
Looking at the blinding light
Confusing it with hurdles.
Once the eyes close, it is clear;
the strength I need,the affirmations,
the will and the confidence
It’s all there in me; burning low
But enough to be stroked into a fire
The won’t burn me but has the power
Of a Phoenix to rise from within;
The dreams now stick to me
Like clouds of cotton candy
Sweetening the air and mouth so sticky,
I return to the night, wiser probably.

In Life’s journey

the roads pause
even if you do not;
round and round
the landmarks appear;
each experience lead to
same old thoughts;
midway or not –
its the point in life
we never realize
before it has passed
and we find a stranger
suddenly residing
within our heart and mind –
a new you,
prepared for
the new journey ahead…

Prompted @ Carry on Tuesday

Originally inspired by Musical Poetry Prompt : Gordon Lightfoot’s Don Quixote

Loving & Loved

There are some days when you feel loved. And some when you love. It is not being in love. but just having some one to love still. From the first crush till today , I can almost name some person with whom I “thought” I was in love. Maybe I really was. But those days are past. Those reasons and emotions are past. Today I love people for making me feel good. It’s not about praising me always but more like, appreciating the good I have and forgiving me for the bad. For making me change myself and not just dictating the rules like rest of the world. Gender or age does not bother me these days. I just love the person for the heart and mind that walk with him/her.And to think of the fact that I found feelings like these to be weird at one time. Call it maturity or jsut craziness, making some one smile and smile with him/her can sure make your day a blessing !

Only if I could put words to such feelings in a way not to offend/scare the people concerned 😉
But maybe these unexpressed thoughts are what add to the enigma of loving and being loved.

Rise in Love. And stay in love. Accept being loved.

(This post was inspired by a twitter conversation with @ScribblingOn )


Smiles & Tears : Stone#9 #aros

When i started this post, i was feeling literally on cloud 9 ! After a long long time I let myself go free, have a great conversation and just be myself – Nothing new for you ? Neither for me except that I did that in company of a wonderful person I met the first time !It was bliss beyond words.

But the smiles have faded. A sense of loss shrouds my heart. Its weird how some people become a part of your life without intending. How losing them suddenly chokes you. He did not know me but i feel i did. I adored him as much i respected him. May his soul rest in peace. The sky stole a star from the world.


To let out the pain;
Ease the tension in brain;
Accept my weakness;
Retrieve the strength;’cause
Soon I must overcome it all.

June was the month when i was going through no-joys-all-sorrows phase of year 2010. And being the person i am, i admit i give into disappointments too easily although i do not let them rule my head for long. This post is a reminder of the fact that sorrows do not last, but when you get them as company, do not feel ashamed to be weak at times.

Written for Months of the year challenge – June

Guilty Pride


I Step out of “ME”
tampered ego looms large
over forgiveness of heart –

Logic engulfs “MY thoughts”
now am done acting my part
a new chapter i wish to start;

i prepare for a war with “MYSELF”
fears and tears both now imminent
and still, a new pride i sense.


Prompted @ 3 word Wednesday (words) and Big Tent Poetry (theme)

Monday Prompt at BTP was : You may have to take a few steps and actually move outside your comfort zone. Do something different. Do something you haven’t done in awhile.

And i chose to question my love for few people.  To see if am valued as much as i should be in not just my world. It was a pain yet i liked it.

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“Face of faith changed for me”

Faith. The word inspires varies emotions in my heart , mind and soul. Faith on your family not to desert you; on the love you thought will never let you feel low;on the friend you never knew could make you cry so much;on yourself whose real power you never can fathom unless forced to.with every person, it changes its face, meaning and extent of its being between you and the concerned person. Strangely, it never leaves you even when broken. for long you keep searching reasons for its loss, searching for either excuses or ways to hurt it back. so where does this leave us ? when even you can betray the faith you have on yourself, what keeps faith living ? Answer is different to each individual.  for me, the faith people instill in me and keep on me keeps me working to preserve it. what keeps your faith safe ?

empty eyes;torn hearts;

faith only let life find place;

the resurrection.

Prompted @ Sunday Scribblings & 6 word Saturday

Submitted to OSI and Haiku Heights

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Transition in Love

They both felt the strain; the effort not to stumble. It was a tough phase of transition from long distance relationship to living together. They were walking on two ends of a broken bridge – holding and balancing each other. It was either doom or glory. She grimaced but then smiled. Love conquers all.

Prompted at Thursday Tales & 3WW

Also submitted to Flash55

Image Credit : mjagiellicz