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Books , Music and Words – weekend shots

Last weekend Loot !!


Well last weekend was a package deal ! And such an amazing time !!

And it was also a beginning of another lost hobby – to write random lyrics in a notebook that always adorns the bedside. Here is the first set ( one of my mom’s favorite) in hindi –

This is the song my mom kind of gave as a lesson when we were of the age to have feelings for guys. My mother is a pretty cool lady. I remember her asking this question from time to time if I had a boyfriend or if I liked some one during college years. Here’s the song :

[ Its opening lines and the rest of it has one message – It is not possible for any human to leave all the world / his possessions for the sake of love. The song further says that what if you could not be together for life , isn’t it enough that your hearts were one once ! ]


Have a great weekend !