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“I will be patient
And kind
When temper flies
Sense out of mind”
“I will reign in
My tongue
When my patience dies
A slow painful death”
So the said
More often than
They believed,
One spoke too soon,
Replied even sooner;
But they loved more
Than such words
And laughed more
This is a poem in 55 words for marathon blogger’s drabble week.
Dedicated to me and pati <3


Why do i have questions
That all begin with why !
Why to prove yourself
In some one else’s eye ?
Why do i feel inadequate
To be a good friend or wife
Why are there no assurances
Why oh why !!
Why do these thoughts haunt me
Not of how , but only the whys,
Why can i not focus on solutions
And rather i preferably cry,
Why this need to be best always
Not the satisfaction that I tried,
Why dont any answer make me forget
All these whys !


Elegant and light
The earrings danced
With the breeze,
It played with the hair,
making merry music
So close to my ears;
I see them shine
In the mirrors and dark,
I love their whispers
As i carelessly walk,
I cant thank enough
For the smile i now have.

Collecting Earrings is my new hobby. Its not even an year that i got my ear piercing done and I already love them. This one is a gift from a friemd during the weekend trip which also inspired the above lines ~

Don't Hide [ #OctPoWriMo day 2]

Dark are the curves and corners of soul,
Oh words, please show up tonight;
New metaphors are debating my worth
Other devices of poetry are shying away,
Tonight my heart seek some blank space;
Hear my unsaid songs , come sit with me a while
Invite your friends along , lets make a nice little post,
Dreams and past , are both on table for you,
Evening has arrived, please grace my home now.
Image source
This is and Acrostic written for Day 2 OctPoWriMo

The untold poem

The words played on my tongue
Yet the lips refused to move;
The poem has chosen its side
And deserted me without any care.
The lines played in my head
Amd the images flashed in eyes
But the poem stayed quiet
And stared with indifference.
When tears lined on my cheek,
The poem spoke to my heart;
They will not undersyand,
Keep me hidden,will you please.
I cried a little more that night
the poem had choked all emotions
That the heart wished to share
Leaving behind a Restless trail ..
– nimue

wo ( #hindi poem)

wo diwaani thi ..
baaton ki , sard raaton ki ,
jazbaaton ki , yaadon ki ..

wo pagli si thi,
thodi jhalli bhi ,
pyaar me , kavita ke izhaar me…
wo jaado thi ..
mutthi me kaid ek dhadkan bhi,
chalakta hua aansoo , barasta hua saawan bhi ..
wo pyaas thi
mere dil ki , aas thi jannat ki,
dhundlaa sa aakah bhi ..
wo ek taara thi ,
banayi to thi mere sahejne ko , sametne ko,
main bas shabdon me hi usko rakh paaya ..

Joie de vivre

“Be happy”,
that’s what he said
on the roads of parting
“stay happy my friend”.

“how do i”,
i wondered aloud
and before i could ask,
he was no where to be found.

“But I will”
was all i could promise
knowing if i did not,
he will never be at ease.

Years have passed
times took different turns
but to be happy always
i tried best from my end.

Often when i was at loss
of reasons or people to smile
i smiled at the mirror
planting the smile in ym eyes.

“Its not something outside”
i realized, even though late
“that makes you love your life.
But the desire to have it that way”

“I am happy”
I told you in dreams one day
“and i know you too might be,
you are bound to get,what you gave”

And that is the secret
for the joyous life i made
to be happy, to make others so
nothing difficult for you to create.

Prompted @ One single Impresion


“Life’s great always;we forget sometimes”

Written  for 6WS

Image Source ( Sorry could not locate exact source)