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Chained here

Moving on
got a new meaning
the moment
you locked
the doors between you and me
and even lost the key.

Worst of all
you chained yourself
to memory
before me
erasing the years together
robbing me from you.

am not here
not even any place else
finally free
yet bounded
by your fears feeding my hope
with dreams of our sin

Prompted @ OSI [shackles] and PAD challenge [Day 16]

Poetry form  : Shadorma is a Spanish 6-line syllabic poem of 3/5/3/3/7/5

Books Read – Feb

From hundred
to seventy five
the target

at times
need challenges too.


This is inspired from my slow reading speed off late but still the desire to read as much !

Prompted @ March Challenge (Day 2 – Reading)

Poetry Form – Septolet

Also submitted to Theme Thursday – Books

And now for some book reviews –



Urban Shots ( 29 urban tales by 13 writers)

 Urban Shots




+ Seperate sections of stories

+ Amazing narration of most stories

+ Fresh ideas and lovely execution

– Some of the stories do not match up but that’s not a let down

Rating : 4.5/5





The Treasured One [dreamers book # 2]

(byDavid and Leigh Eddings)

+ considering the background information provided on each character, you dnt need to read book# 1

+ good plot , good narration and some really witty dialogues

– If the repetition of scenes is going to be there, am not too excited to read book # 3.


Ratings : 3.5 /5



Read on !! 🙂

With(out) you

“Move on !” you would have yelled;

“Get a life !” i hear at  each bend;

is that life worth all these tears;

wondering, each time recoil in fear.

I am used to spend nights crying

At each failure,i still  keep trying

that someday you would be blocked

your words in my head will stop.

Choices i have,laid straight for me

forget you and regain my peace

but the promise that i made to you

to not fade away,i have to make true.

wherever i be,or with anyone

in  my heart’s corner you will dwell

this is my choice i want to live with

in my dreams where you still exist.

Prompted @ OSI


To let out the pain;
Ease the tension in brain;
Accept my weakness;
Retrieve the strength;’cause
Soon I must overcome it all.

June was the month when i was going through no-joys-all-sorrows phase of year 2010. And being the person i am, i admit i give into disappointments too easily although i do not let them rule my head for long. This post is a reminder of the fact that sorrows do not last, but when you get them as company, do not feel ashamed to be weak at times.

Written for Months of the year challenge – June

My friend in delhi

There was a time i did not live in NCR. And that time, only friend i had in delhi was him. So this tag !! He is one of the reason that september is special to me (other reason being my mother’s b’day).

Words do not define how i feel about him or what he means to me – All i know is that he is one of the few friends who like me the way i am , who will stand with me no matter what i do, who has always managed to not lose me in the crowd , who has fought with me so i do not forget him ever, who has listened my woes at 3 am, who did not hang up even when i called him “coz i did not want to be alone when i cried” !

This is for you my dear –

so perfectly
how friendship should be
you must love,fight,forgive,love more
if you really desire
to keep close
some one


Thank you for not just teaching me this lesson but also living it for me ! Hope i do not let you down any day !!


Wriiten for Months of the year challenge – September

Do something

Do something
Do something you love
Do something you love to do;
Do something you love to do; do it !
Do something you love to do; do it, just for you.
Do something you love to do; do it,without expecting
Do something you love to do; without expecting others
Do something you love,without expecting others to be a part of.
Do something,without expecting others to be a part of that act.
Do something for yourself;And you got a manifesto for happiness.

Prompted @ BigTentPoetry (List Poem) , Sunday Scribling