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Just like me [Mera jaisa tu .. ]

The title “Mera jaisa tu” is a line from one of the songs i have been listening to a lot these days  .. And it translates to : “you are just like me”. And that made me wondering ..

They say opposites attract ! But is it not the similarities that bring two people close ??

what do you have to say about it ??

And below are the lines I wrote last night listening to the same song :

starting from the differences we have,

tracing the journey backwards

through the different views

you and me showed each other

from eyes of heart ,

and voices of soul;

i reach again the same place

where it all began,

from one word to another line,

from one silly comment

to hours of non sense talks,

to smiles , tears , pain and loss,

back to here, where I stand today,

alone yet loved, sad yet strong !

Here is the song if you want to hear :


Submitted to Thursday Poets rally week 49

Make it Big

“Make it big”
how many times
had she said this
for her life;
and more times
she heard others
talk the same
about her art;
But can she ever ?
People loved her
and so her work
or maybe vice versa
but did any one know
who she was,
seperate from
her work of art;
Did any one realize
what made her excel
in art but not life;
what dreams she broke
to paint her words,
what words she lost
to create false dreams;
with head in clouds
and feet on thorns,
burdens of reality
tied with flowers
of a different future;
she could make it
she would have maybe
if only she was not aware
of the price it cost
to lose yourself
in making true art
and the debts one bear
to alienate from
the glittering fame.


Submitted to Poets Rally


you think
alone keeps us
close ?

Poetry form : Lanterne : 5 – line poetry in shape of japanese lantern and having syllable count as 1-2-3-4-1 , each line able to stand on its own with or without a title. (Wiki link)

Prompted @ May Challenge by Ava [Day 5] , May2011 Int’l 5 lines poetry Month , Poets Rally
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Thanks to any and all who nominated me for this special [ very special to me in fact ] award. Apologies for putting up this late since I missed the rally ’cause of being offline.

Words never fail you

they desert me in your favour

i still write for you

I nominate further for this award :

C Rose

I wished fire

Oh how i wished there could be a fire
in eyes that talked so much,
in hands that yearned to touch
in heart that beat much faster
in words that  were said never.
But all i felt was an overpowering desire
to let eyes drink all that you showed
to let hands trace the things you owned
to let heart play music to your beat
to let words die before i could speak.


Written for We Write Poems [ fire] , Submitted to Poets Rally [week 41]

Was It love ?

A question never  meant for you
still feilds the volley of answers
your random actions direct to me
teasing the force you have on me
disrupting the balance of words;
Identical to the fears you host,
I swim in the pools of my doubt,
trusted forces create this curtain;
You say time always win over love
I wonder if there was any between us;
Dual thoughts with just one solution
Cease to be mine.I was never yours.


Prompted @ 3WW , Submitted also to Poets Rally

To You dear friend

You say things are no longer same

Well, I am not the only one to change;

You appear to be in some pain to me

wonder why you think its better to hide it;

You still mean so much so special in my life

I just am at loss of words to express this time;

I wish I could break the wall you think there is

but since there is none, how do i still fight it ?

Written for Poets Rally Week 39

Fresh poets to explore

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Won this by 17 votes  ( :O ) votes at Poets Rally and JP !

More winner details here

I formally accept this award and nominate Mike Patrick for the next award.


Every blog – old or new

words paved with patient love

welcome to entertain.



We walked..

Hand in hand,
we always walked,
no matter day
or the hours of dark.

You being my eyes
I be your words
together we make
better of the worst.

I be your music
you sing the songs
in the language
to world, unknown.

You hold me close
when desires tempt
and show me light
where peace dwelled.

I  pull you back
when madness rules
and ease the pains
that trouble you.

Hand in hand,
I wanted to walk,
till you let me free
to explore the dark.

Tainted I now feel,
to hold your hand
pain is all i will get
in your dream land.


Inspired by the comments shared with NU here

Submitted to Poets Rally Week 38

Songs we make


A line from you,
the next from me,
a word you forget,
and expect me to fill in

The spoon hits the mug
in a rhythm you devise
a tune plays on my lips
you approve it with smiles

I fill in more sounds
you stare at me shocked
suddenly fingers drum
nothing holding the flow.

A collective sigh escapes
our collaborative songs
linger  somewhere
in the dream we wove.




Prompted @ Magpie Tales

Submitted to Poetry Rally Week 37