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Life’s fountain

Across the walls,
the lined heaven’s halls,
I heard you laugh
over some silly talk.
Parting the waters,
busy in your chatter,
you stepped out in sun
among mortals one.


In the temple I prayed
to see you once again
not aware it might attract
your soul out of death pact.
Just when I wanted to call
and wished you would halt,
you smiled at me so nice
it filled me with a light.
speaking to me in my mind
you asked me to wait for time
when its right to meet again
at foot of life’s fountain.
Years I spent searching
in forests and clearing
for the fountain you meant
and realized now, its my death


Prompted @ Poets United , Also linked to DVerse Pub


M , yells the prompt rule;
as i split this out of My name –
silently, i Muse to Myself,
Must write on M not “AM”
I gather the words i can recall
starting with M,having M,lots of M !
it gets interesting;
My Mind throws randoM words
but to pick just one ?
or Many tales be spun !

This was prompted @ Poets United [ to take third letter of your name (or pen name) and write on that.

Also submitted to Theme Thursday and G-Man’s Fridayflash55


For once,
Admit to yourself,
Love had no meaning
Lack of hate it was,
Interested we were,
Neutralizing insecurities,
Good idea ? Maybe Never.


"Afloat" (source unknown)


From loving “WE”,to
Losing “OUR” self,for
Others’ thoughts;
Attracted to sinking darkness
Tired of searching reason,
I rest in laps of evil,
Nothing to lose any more,
Giving up on you, I float.


Prompted @ BTP [ Write about a bad idea , write about floating ] , PAD [ write about falling ]

Also submitted to Poets United [ Monsters]