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Hello Visitors (#napowrimo day#2)

Hello visitors,
this you know is my dream;
a place I hope you know the limits
and the rules; yet unknown to me.
you show me places and events
that happened not,or maybe could have
some I wish never come true
others I feel I knew before you.
My mind’s state reflected often
my dreams I feel are powerful potion
made of your power of love
fighting my desperation for some.

Prompted @ sunday Scribblings (Reflect)

Napowrimo#2 : Write a poem inspired by the song that was #1 on the day that you were born. Find it via this page  . Mine was –  The Power Of Love – Jennifer Rush

Apr PAD#2 : write a visitor poem


spontaneous ideas
skid to halt;incensed dreams
dampen fear of loss


Written for 3WW , Sensational Haiku Wednesday


corrupted power
heal yourself by love


Written for May Challenge by Ava [Day 18] , May2011 Int’l 5 lines poetry Month , Haiku Heights [heal]