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Writing butterflies

Since morning i thought,
What best to write for prompt,
After all its matter of butterflies
That i feel inside sometimes.
List is long, the ideas many
Yet time is short, zero energies,
kind of day when love blocks senses,
And i wish not to write anything.
Yet here i penned this little verse
An apology sort, a vain attempt
To mark my attendence for october
And to settle the butterflies in my head.

Some blogs , some other stuff.

As a kid , I used to wait for the sunday ice creme treat from dad. and even before he could reach the shop , i would sit in front of the gate, waiting for him.
You know what reminds me of this image in my head ? Deboshree !! Every time she post on her blog , I wait for her to start checking other blogs. And finally I would get an email of her liking the post , followed by her comment. How much I always look forward to her words on my posts !!
She is one of the few people whom I not just think but feel and know I would love having as my friend. 
Witty and sensible , her blog is pure delight to read . 
( This is a cue for you to finally click on the hyperlink and read her blog  😛 )
Now that I am finally writing this post , Let me introduce you to another wonderful blog I am hooked to these days. And its NOT a poetry / story blog. This time I am stalking a cookery blog. Such easy , yummy and mostly indian ones. One reason might be that , I have taken up cooking a little more serious now days since I am fed up of eating out (and the results are all great , trust me ) Some day If I ever start posting food pics and recepies,  not to be surprised people .. Till then, do check this blog  by @Womod/Pinksocks
Sadly I am not reading many of the blogs I so love and more sad is the fact that I have no idea why I do not get time for them. April was one month where I could not even finish 2 novels !! ( and I have a goal of 51 for 2012 ) ! But this month looks much better in all aspects .
I finally joined gym (after trying to avoid it from some weeks ) thanks to a tempting offer of some new dresses being gifted to me by a friend !  😀
And my group book review blog can finally see some posts from me again !
Also, I might be soon bidding farewell to two very dear friends , which I can bear knowing that its their shining moment 🙂
No more for now ( I am tired of typing  😛 )
More soon !!
Keep blogging and Stay nice to all !
Love !


M , yells the prompt rule;
as i split this out of My name –
silently, i Muse to Myself,
Must write on M not “AM”
I gather the words i can recall
starting with M,having M,lots of M !
it gets interesting;
My Mind throws randoM words
but to pick just one ?
or Many tales be spun !

This was prompted @ Poets United [ to take third letter of your name (or pen name) and write on that.

Also submitted to Theme Thursday and G-Man’s Fridayflash55

To belong..

Kuch aisa bana mujhe tu apna ki begaani duniya se ho jaaun ..

[ Make me yours in a way that am alienated from the rest of the world.. ]

Wrote this line inspired by some text i got last evening. And as I sat and read it again, I had the following lines to add :

In search of him
I roam no where
but my heart
a dream
lives in the eyes
faceless being invades
the city of pleasures
and stabs me
with the wait;
to witness reality
however harsh it is
but mine to just live,
his to claim a right
and ours to shape it new.
living parallelly
to me,is his world
haunting my cold days
with darkness of the night;
creating monsters
out of the sweet nothings
we never could exchange ..

Prompted @ OSI , Sunday scribblings

submitted to Poets Rally week 50

Just like me [Mera jaisa tu .. ]

The title “Mera jaisa tu” is a line from one of the songs i have been listening to a lot these days  .. And it translates to : “you are just like me”. And that made me wondering ..

They say opposites attract ! But is it not the similarities that bring two people close ??

what do you have to say about it ??

And below are the lines I wrote last night listening to the same song :

starting from the differences we have,

tracing the journey backwards

through the different views

you and me showed each other

from eyes of heart ,

and voices of soul;

i reach again the same place

where it all began,

from one word to another line,

from one silly comment

to hours of non sense talks,

to smiles , tears , pain and loss,

back to here, where I stand today,

alone yet loved, sad yet strong !

Here is the song if you want to hear :


Submitted to Thursday Poets rally week 49

Like you,Love you not

nvr been such tym bfr that i lykd so many guys and love none of them .. Dunno wat to make out f ds realization !


I wrote this on twitter last night and happen to mention it to a friend too. This came up in discussion of me having a secret list (the names still are) of guys who i think are “almost perfect” for me. In a way that I would want my future partner to be like any of them [ major percent like them at least] . But marrying any of the guy in this list never crossed my mind. Maybe ’cause I was not searching a partner that time or maybe I feared being losing my friendship if I expressed such desire that time [ one of them is still an eligible bachelor ;)] , but bottom line is that I never had any such thought about these friends.And nor do I have today. Only thing that has changed is that I can probably tell the person concerned how much I like him and appreciate being knowing the person he is. I really am glad you people made it easy for me to decide what I like in a guy and what not. And if any of you think I am a nut case to have such ideas in my head , I want to ask , “did you not know before, I was hopeless!!” 😛

Thank you my friends.

Love each of you.