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This ain't cool …

There are not many instances that I lose my cool in office. I have cried often when I have performed bad , or felt hurt by some one’s remarks , but never had I replied back in such scenarios. One thing that I absolutely can not let go though is personal insult or allegations. I am not very rigid person but when pitted against some one who only wants to prove his ego the reason for all actions, I have realized I have a bigger ego and stubbornness in such moments , not that I am particularly proud of this.
What I fail to understand and accept is colossal disregard to professional etiquette and more than that , the tendency to NOT follow processes. Processes are there to help people know the best way to deal with any situation and to avoid chaos of any and all kinds. When some one can not respect that , I judge him already. Add to that , the fight to prove himself right in all ways is as much as my flaw , it is unpardonable in people who argue without concern.
I have learned to be gracious and agile with such great effort , and yet breaking that habit becomes a necessity some days. Guess , the lessons are not so much ingrained in me as I thought 😉
Hopefully tomorrow would be a different and better day.
I could so much use some positive vibes to keep my cool next time , I feel like banging my head into a wall or some one who acts like one.
Hope your week going better !

Hate you time : Stone#8 #aros

You time, fate and blah blah …
why the hell you can not let my thoughts rest !
Every time i  gather and sort them and bind them with sense, you have to come and explode right in the middle of it !
Now don’t dare say that I should be happy with what i get, yeah, try that tonight on me and you are doomed !
Of course I am glad to go with life’s flow but will you please let me do that without throwing pebbles into my soul ?
I am ashamed and guilty I can not be happy even with my joys , forget about considering others ! Does that appeal you ?