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Heart's battles

Sitting at the corner table alone,
she awaits for him with a lost look
unaware of the coffee gone cold.
she flips throught a random book
pausing at a poem on some page
the one that has her attention hooked.
It talks of anger and uncontrolled rage
in matters of love , lust and sometimes hate
trapping all energy like a bird in cage.
such feelings that are often discovered late
for the world no longer seem to know
how fragile hearts never win battles with fate.
This is a Terza Rima for Open Link Night.

Marathon bloggers and the posts shared

Project 52This is the 26th week of Project 52 , where in I decided to write about  Me , my days or things around Me every week. This is unfortunately NOT the 26th post but still , I wanted to go back and check what all I blogged about and the lessons I stored in this journey.
It all started with this fun post : Ten P’s  of my life and been an incredible journey since.
My most candid post was on Love , which was a reflection of my own struggle with love and the questions faced during the process of a love marriage [ More updates on that soon ]
I openly talked about my past fears , missing home , book reviews , finding my own space and a lot of other things I never could voice before.  A few reflections on my self and my life in general were shared with Imperfect Prose ( a site I read and try to write for every thursday)
I also remember a lot of posts I read on blogs by other Marathon bloggers , the May photo a day challenge ( which I left mid way ) , the week long blogging ( that was a really amazing experience last month ) , reading of the families and kids , some interesting ideas ,  lot of advice and tips for daily life , and what all !!
Here’s a biiig cheers to the lovely ladies ( and few guys ) I have known this year via blogging and best wishes for more fun and smiles


Hope I can meet some of these wonderful people this year or maybe next !
A short update on my poetry e-book :
Last year in December , I published Fragments on kindle. Till now , I have sold about 20 copies of the book and need to sell a few more so that I can get the loyalty from amazon. So , if you have interest in poetry or know some one who likes poetry , please pass on my book.
Thank you in advance 🙂