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A to Z challenge : I am “scared”

There always were things
I did not know,
about myself,about you;
there always would be stuff
that would remain unsaid
and so unknown to me and you.
This unknown did not matter
till last night,when less was said
and many questions it left;
where we stand,where we flow
its a hard decision,we know
hold on to me,as we face the storm.
It will not help,to turn away
it might be the best,to hold our place
yet it scares me,the bonds we break;
the words we leave behind,
the world we plan to create
are we too early , or too late ?


once they begin coming out
it’s a wonder they ever stop;
memory tested to hurt best
and verbal prowess for effect
expansion of horizons happen
parents,relatives – all pulled in
the slandering goes on,non stop
the hurt mounts on,and so on
if silence follows,tears fill in the gap
broken bonds lie in sorrow’s lap –
Forgotten for a moment,
bruised for a lifetime.


Prompted @ NaPoWriMo [ Day 13 – A fast (5 min) poem on something very fast]

Was It love ?

A question never  meant for you
still feilds the volley of answers
your random actions direct to me
teasing the force you have on me
disrupting the balance of words;
Identical to the fears you host,
I swim in the pools of my doubt,
trusted forces create this curtain;
You say time always win over love
I wonder if there was any between us;
Dual thoughts with just one solution
Cease to be mine.I was never yours.


Prompted @ 3WW , Submitted also to Poets Rally

You & Me

You & Me : what's not

You to me;
I to you
like priority.
You seek me
I seek you
than the need.
You want me
I want you
two poles of
magnetic feild.
You understand me
I understand you
like two people
so lonely.
You pamper me
I pamper you
dreamy shadows
of reality.
You wish for me
I wish for you
some one else to
care and forever be.
You know of me
I know of you
time will bring
in distances.
I will though
remember You
the way You will
want Me to,
in memories.


Prompted @ One shoot Photography Sunday

Also Submitted to One Shot wednesday