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you and Me

You and Me
were those circles
growing apart in a pond


I wished God to throw
in a leaf ,a flower or twig
that gently swam
from me to you
binding us again
in an embrace.

You and Me
were always meant
to be love, to be care
to hide in such words
and meet in between

You and Me
will always hold
these ripples at bay
or let them pass through
the hearts so entwined
by fate.

If ever I have to write a reply poetry , I choose some from Ibeingme‘s blog. Maybe ’cause he is my inspiration for all my words that convey love , I can never be more happy than to write my side of thoughts on each of his word.  The poem that inspired above lines is :

You and Me
are those circles
after stones are thrown
On the surface of a pond.
When we grow bigger
We both grow further,
When stones fall deep in the water
and on the surface
where we are growing
tells the world
we were never there.
You and Me
Were never there.
This is for OctPowriMo day 10 prompt to be inspired from another person’s poem.

Across the rivers & thoughts

It was a vast river,
or so you thought
’cause where I stood,
I saw only you –
a few rocks in between
the clear and still water,
like a sky beneath my feet.
The more I waited,
my thoughts built a buliding
with rooms without windows,
of different colors and size,
the overworked emotions
screaming for a respite
yet never giving up on you.
Our eyes met, for the briefest moment,
enough to make the water ripple,
and show us a clear path,
patiently we held each other
in thoughts across rivers
and the adjoining buildings,
finding our purpose
one step at a time
till we meet
where we are destined,
in hearts and arms.
This is a much pending response to this post by Ibeingme

Had heart been silent

Heart should have remained
silent when you had asked
if i ever loved,
had i not wished
an affirmative answer,
and you perhaps otherwise,
we would not be where we stand
loved, hurt and inclined to part
not by choice
or force of time
but still at crossroads
facing away
and heading out,
alone but not lonely
with tears but of memories,
pricked by figments of the silence
that would have saved
this vulnerable soul
from hardening thus.

Originally written in response to this poem, edited and submitted for 3ww

also linked to Poetry Tow Truck

Replies to a random #hindi text

I wrote this line to few friends : “khyaalon me bhi tum na aao to jaane”

[ from song eji rooth kar]

And I got some really sweet replies .. sharing them here –

* tum bulaana chod to jaane

* yaadon se gum ho jaao to maane ..

* yeh faasle kaise na tumne na maine jaane.
ban kar na reh jaaye kahin ab dono anjaane

*khwaabon me bhi ghazal na ban jaaye to maane

*Hum koshish karenge , par kambakht dil ko kaun samjhaaye !


Tempted to throw such lines here and there randomly ..
My friends are too creative I find 😉