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I wish

I wish I wish
I had no more to wish
but could better learn
to pray that i could earn
what i really deserve
or whats been reserved.

I know I know
every year i grow
not just in numbers
on wisdom too i stumble
through self taugh lessons
or when circumstances threatened

I want I want
to each day chant
“I can always do best”
in all that comes as a test
of my strength and brain
And find joys within my pain.


Written for wishylissy-for-2011 hosted by Riika

And here i really wish for myself in 2011 :

To be happy with what life brings my way, no matter what others have to say.

To read more that I write; To hear more than i talk.

To sleep more than i dream; To work more than it demands.

To travel more than i plan;To be with my family whenever i can.

Happy 2011 and God bless you all with your wishes