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I still remember well
when I saw him last;
the paper brown dress
and the matching cap.
bundles of folded paper
some colored some bland
delivering all to right place
yet never seen empty hand.
“where is my letter sir”
I never failed to ask
“no one wrote to you dear”
he said and he had a laugh.
So when I was able to spell
I promptly set myself to task
and wrote a one-liner to me
to give to him next time he passed.
He never came that day or next
i forgot of him and the mail
and now I we no longer see them
since people learned of emails.

Written for PAD challenge day 4 , Sunday Scribbling , Poetry Potluck

We walked..

Hand in hand,
we always walked,
no matter day
or the hours of dark.

You being my eyes
I be your words
together we make
better of the worst.

I be your music
you sing the songs
in the language
to world, unknown.

You hold me close
when desires tempt
and show me light
where peace dwelled.

I  pull you back
when madness rules
and ease the pains
that trouble you.

Hand in hand,
I wanted to walk,
till you let me free
to explore the dark.

Tainted I now feel,
to hold your hand
pain is all i will get
in your dream land.


Inspired by the comments shared with NU here

Submitted to Poets Rally Week 38

With(out) you

“Move on !” you would have yelled;

“Get a life !” i hear at  each bend;

is that life worth all these tears;

wondering, each time recoil in fear.

I am used to spend nights crying

At each failure,i still  keep trying

that someday you would be blocked

your words in my head will stop.

Choices i have,laid straight for me

forget you and regain my peace

but the promise that i made to you

to not fade away,i have to make true.

wherever i be,or with anyone

in  my heart’s corner you will dwell

this is my choice i want to live with

in my dreams where you still exist.

Prompted @ OSI

Blessed Feet

Oh God, bless my feet
to move more than a feet
when i need to hit the streets
and not for the culinary treats.

Oh God, bless my feet
to move my lazy bones
out of the comfort zone
and bare the paths of stones.

Oh God, bless my feet
to keep me far away
from places i need not stay
                                                                  at,let temptations be slayed.

Oh God,bless my feet
to stay put when i need
to be grounded by thee
for the promises i did not keep

Image Source

Wriiten for Big Tent Poetry

Also submitted to Poetry Potluck Week 17

Only a night..

When words failed to educate,
with silence did i try to object;
When tears failed to communicate,
with smiles did i try to fill the recess;
Only a night from old to new,
I severed all my ties with you.
When you failed to change your path
with a sigh did i give another try
When you failed to make it last,
with a broken heart i did cry.
Tainted freedom was what you gave
instead of dreams of a love filled place



Prompted @ 3WW , Carry On Tuesday

Submitted to Months of the year challenge – March


I “knit”

Dreams of past
from mind i fish
and color them in
future memories.
some beads of love
i gather silently
patches of tears
i join them with.
I imagine not
what shape i want
nor do i bother
of colors life grant.
I gather when i knit
metaphorical threads
daily ideas in my head.
I offer to all the gift,of
what i make and wear
it talks of wisdom
if you pretend to hear.
I sometimes dread the time
my fingers cease to move
but never will i desert
the yarn that broods.


Written for Poetry Rally Week 33 , Submitted also to Z to A challenge – K


Two individuals,
two set of traits,
two tiny cells ,
and then i am made.

I know my purpose
but not the destiny,
accepting my short life
for your being to begin.

I know who you can be
how same or not from rest
of the two building cells,
i pick for you the best.

Four days is all i get,
to shape you how i like,
make the moment proud
when i choose to divide.

Read here to know what a zygote actually is.

Written for Z-A challenge at Leo’s blog

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday

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On edges of my dream

On the blurred edges of my dreams,
where i search for you each night,
I found you once waiting for me,
smiling at me,or maybe on my plight.

It was a dream i know for sure,
you stood as the royal unicorn,
I remember just your smiling face
as time witnessed a tryst of souls.

You told you will wait till eternity,
but I was forbidden to yet,sleep forever,
unless I was done with spreading love
that was meant for you,but shared never.

There was some one else,worthy around
who would hold me just like I always wished,
the way I see in my dreams each night,
he is the one,the true anchor of my ship.

Saying so you left me on doors of dawn
to open my heart and let love rule it again
to make space for the cheerful dreams
and let your memories wash away the pain.

Each night since then,I dream of you
full of pride and care,my royal unicorn
to me you always will be the real star
no matter who says “you are no more”.



This poem was first written as inspired by the pic in the post, it was edited and lengthened to be submitted to the feature magazine Fried Eye. Posting it after its been published there in their latest volume.

Submitted to Poets Rally Week31

And i take a chance to formally acknowledge my award for last rally. Its a wonder 3 people voted for me and made this possible  !! Thank you Jingle for the grace you bestow on me and to all the readers of Poetry Rally !


Perfect Poet Award Rally 30
Perfect Poet Award Rally 30

Won it for 3 votes at thursday Poetry rally !!!


Remembering an angel

Those purple framed glasses,
she wore as a challenge to school,
It was then I saw her first, being scolded,
and thought, her glossy hair looked cool.

The staircase where she sat with her gang,
talking to all who climbed up and down
the bitter whispers from the envious girls
equaled the drooping stare of guys around.

I was her pet doll in her final years
protected, loved and mentored upon
it was a rare privilege people would tell
and i valued her presence as my gourd.

There is no day when i miss her not
or feel her words of caution in my head
And also the one last kiss on my cheeks
just hours before she was found dead.

some say she was killed out of rage
some say she did it on her own,
only I know that neither is the case
she was my angel, she just returned home.

Prompted @ Big Tent Poetry