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wave theory. .

today i wanted to be a wave. The one passing through loved souls, leaving colors behind. And now i wonder if those colors take something away from me or the soul ? Will the wave havd a mind or heart ? Both ? Or none ? Where will the search of home lead this wave ? Will it ever rest or like me stay active at odd hours feeding on darkness within my heart. Where do waves rest ? Or souls like mine ? Do they just stop feeling, lose colors, fade ? Will i . . Well lets leave some questions unsaid. .

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“Pet” search

“It has to be here”
“Then Why can I not find it”
“This is the road of riches?”
“Yep. More shops. Less people”
“I swear, the pic was taken here”
“Where exactly was he standing ?”
“Staring into a shop’s display”
“Gosh! that would be the toy shop”
“you and your pet! teddy lovers”
“Found him”

Inspired by Indigo spider’s Sunday Picture Press

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