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Very Short Stories

(Removed the separate page so posting again)

Please note : Each set of sentences below is a separate story.


She proposed hoping to surprise him; he wasn’t.She waited for his reply;he just gave a sly smile and slipped the ring in her hand

_ _ _ _ _ _

She didn’t care if they were called frenemies;she loved him strong enough to not let him be promoted and sent to new place

_ _ _ _ _ _

“y is white the color of hindu widow like me and of christian bride too?” she taunted her elders while buying a red sari !!


am i late in returning”,he asked;depends on your definition of late,she said;did he not know,she could wait forever for him?


He is desultory in his talks;but then that is most interesting about him;his talks never turn boring yet never get finished too.


Some people make you complete;some just vitiate;you were the latter,i realized a lot late..

my dreams are his widow;he the one to Vitiate their hues.my words r now tears;when i thought joys are due.

as much as your touch stimulate;i won’t say it doesn’t vitate my ideas 😉

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