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lost & found

Image by Dessie_Designs from Pixabay

A casual wave, a shy smile,
a lazy twirl – and she earned
being called the temptation personified;
the young ones lost hearts,
while old ones enjoyed their silly fights –

each judging her arrogant ways –
confused by the power she held,
none ever thought of her lonely eyes
wandering the hills, far away from all men.

not a soul, she had to talk;
until he moved along as she passed;
within weeks, some days more;
her heart finally found a home.

“This is where I found myself so lost” –
today, on the same hill, he proposed.


Inspired by Reena’s exploration challenge & Weekend writing Prompt

Also linked to Open Link night @ dVerse Poets Pub

She wished


She wanted not to cry,
but words forgot to flow,
she wanted to scream
but tears never stopped.

She wanted him to go
but never too far away
she wished it so bad
she held him so close.

She wanted to share
her unwritten songs
which echoed in spaces
she freed from her hopes.

she kissed his fingers
that marked her skin
and together they slept
weaving a new morning.

Shadows in dark

(Inspired from this post)

She walks holding his hand, he – the child of the dark. she knows he is getting used to her shadow entangled with his dark aura. he likes the warm glow she has he tells her. she says its only when she is with him but he just nods. Together they walk thus, holding hands. Their souls walk a step behind, arms linked , her head resting on his shoulder. they look back at the scene, laugh in the eyes, and walk into a new dawn.

She was back (Story Part#2)

Read Part 1 of the story here by theRummaker .

He was sure he had locked it and that he had the only key. He never let anyone in the house in his absence, ’cause he never liked any one to clean his room any way. He loved his mess – it was his organized way of living. He did not give it much thought and entered the house, his eyes searching her. For no reason he knew she had returned. She only had the key to this house and who never bothered to make changes to him, his home and yet changing his whole life each day somehow. True to his instincts, she was there – asleep in his bed, the same sweet smile adoring her face that shone bright from the moonlight falling on her from the window. He had never opened this window since she left the city. And today with her, the wind had returned to his room. Like old friends, the air made him feel warm and he laughed aloud for no reason. Removing the shoes, he scanned the room for his toothbrush. A minute later he slipped inside the bed besides her, kissing her forehead.

She smiled at the kiss and whispered him good night as he hugged her and nestled his head on her shoulders.

“You still stink”, she said.

“Am drunk”, he stated as if she had no idea about it.

“As always”, she said with a sigh.

“When did you come”

“I thought you would ask why.”

“It doesn’t matter”

“Good. Now sleep. no more talks. I am tired.”

“I am happy.”

“Go, dance then. Let me sleep please.”

(to be continued..)