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Color of silence

The colors of silence change
For who wields it;
Mine are mostly red
Of love passion
And sometimes rage
On lover,
On love,
On myself,
On us.
They can be dark
Like core of the night,
Or of my soul
Pointing to
Your eyes.
The best i love
Is when it is white,
The blinding emptiness
Of peace ,
Of acceptance,
Of purity,
Of being one with you.

smile & silence : Two posts for #OctPoWriMo

I skipped writing yesterday , So please bear with two poems in this post [ both off the prompt perhaps ]

His smile

slight curve
of the silent lips
he fills my soul
slowly, sweetly;
sweaty palms
on my skin,
fingers sketching
trails of sin,
sigh, moan,
his eyes shine
oh love,I lust for
the way you smile…

Today’s prompt is silence. I have rarely liked being silent or silent people. there was a time when after a while , silence would make me uncomfortable. It changed when I had to move to a new city and was alone most weekends. Here is a thought on those days –

Lonliness – a mistress I keep
for company in nights
when all world sleeps
but not my thoughts;
silence – the child i never sought
until one night the knocks
on my heart’s door
took away my sleep;
there was much to learn
and so much more to know
about my love , my fears,
my denial and the pain,
my acceptance , be it late.
There was much to let go of,
the world was no more known
silence and loneliness took over
and I was never the same again.

This is for OctPoWriMo # 13 , 14

Had heart been silent

Heart should have remained
silent when you had asked
if i ever loved,
had i not wished
an affirmative answer,
and you perhaps otherwise,
we would not be where we stand
loved, hurt and inclined to part
not by choice
or force of time
but still at crossroads
facing away
and heading out,
alone but not lonely
with tears but of memories,
pricked by figments of the silence
that would have saved
this vulnerable soul
from hardening thus.

Originally written in response to this poem, edited and submitted for 3ww

also linked to Poetry Tow Truck

Musty minutes

Between the loud conversation
in the overlapping pauses
we look at each other
from corner of the eye;
the silence has its riches –
i take a sip of its memories,
you nibble at the dreams
while our present connects us,
with the painful realization
that no words can be persuasive
enough to bind you to me
no feelings can trap yours
You are as much unknown
as my heart feels you inside
as much toxic is your presence
as heavenly seems your touch
your eyes overpower my words
and the remaining breaths
you seal with one last kiss
your musty essence erasing me –
one goodbye that was to be final,
I realized it not then,fortunately.

Prompted @ We Write Poems , Three Word Wednesday